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Chris Wreghitt – British Cyclo-Cross Star of the ’80’s and Successful Businessman


The current state of British cyclo-cross is perhaps similar to how the road scene was before the days of Peter Keen, lottery money, ‘the Plan,’ David Brailsford and Sky came along.

No real development system, just the odd talented individual who forces their way through.

John Atkins and Keith Mernickle dominated British ‘cross in the 70’s – and on ‘raids’ across the channel, acquitted themselves well.

Atkins never stood on the podium; but made the top ten at the Worlds three times.

The juniors have fared better; with both Stuart Marshall and Roger Hammond bringing home rainbow jerseys.

Marshall faded away; whilst Hammond went on to have a long and distinguished road career – with cyclo-cross taking a secondary role in his programme.

But the rider who perhaps aroused the most excitement was a tall young man called Chris Wreghitt.

He ended the domination of the UK ‘old guard’ of Atkins, Mernickle, Stone and Davies with five consecutive wins in the British championships and produced some fine performances on the continent.

When he proved he could also ride well on the road, he was snapped up by the mighty Bianchi squadra.

And then…?

We thought a chat with the man might be in order – here’s what he had to say to us;