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Ian Cammish – “I’d have ridden 600 miles a week, if that’s what it took”

"At the end of the day, I achieved everything I set out to do. Maybe if I’d been more laid back then wouldn’t have achieved what I did."


To my shame, I couldn’t tell you who the reigning BBAR is, but if this was the 80’s I‘d have little problem in informing you.

Cycling Weekly printed regular updates of the table standings, with the final ‘50’ on Boro’ always a big deal – that race could make or break your bid for the prestigious top twelve.

I could probably also have given you a potted biography of most of the riders in that top 12.

But there was another reason that it was easy to remember who the BBAR was.

The same man, Ian Cammish was on the throne for all but one year of the decade.

Glenn Longland took the title in 1986, but apart from that, Cammish reigned supreme. He was also invulnerable at 100 miles, taking the national title nine times and competition record four times – leaving it an astonishing ten minutes faster than when he started.

And the man is still racing, 30 years after he began his remarkable decade of domination – just this year clocking a