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Siempre Bicycle Café, the Pride of Partick!


You’re in Glasgow on your bike and need a good cup of coffee and some healthy victuals, but don’t need the stares; you like good sounds and you want to talk bicycles, not fitba’ and maybe you’re looking for the latest in ‘fixie’ street cred hardware and kit? Look no further – 162 Dumbarton Road, Partick and Siempre Bicycle Café should be your destination.

Siempre Bicycle Café
Siempre is situated right next to the Glasgow Kelvinhall Subway station.

Siempre Bicycle Café is the name of this oasis in the desert of bad coffee and ‘I’m too sexy for my job’ bicycle shop staff.

Siempre’ is Spanish for ‘always’ and there are two versions of how the establishment gained the Latino handle.

We’ll take co-owner and ex-rock drummer, Callan Dickson’s male perspective first;

“The word has a good sound to it and features in some of Che Guevara’s greatest speeches, “Hasta la Victoria Siempre.”

“And it fits, always fun, always coffee, always bikes . . .”

His partner, Kirsten Caldow has a slightly different version;

“When I was working at a Bank I used to travel a lot and Callan would make me music CDs to take with me; he’d write on them; ‘always’.”