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Gary Hand – Herbalife’s New Recruit


Gary Hand - Herbalife
Gary Hand – Herbalife new recruit.

If there’s one thing we admire here at VeloVeritas, it has to be enthusiasm for the sport. Scottish road scene stalwart, Gary Hand Herbalife – has it in spades – so when he emails to say that he’s joined a new team for 2013 and has big goals for the next two seasons, we best get right back to him and get the story; even if it is Boxing Day.

You’re leaving Pedal Power, Gary?

“The team has folded, but I’ll continue working at the Pedal Power shop – I have been, on and off for 10 years.

“Jonathan McBain and Ronnie Coyne have been great with me; they’ve always supported me over the years.

“This year they’re allowing me to work two days each week so as I can concentrate on my training.

“Endura are moving on, so it’s no surprise that they ended the sponsorship.

“Their support for the team has been amazing and I wish the new NetApp-Endura squad