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Copenhagen Six Day 2013 – Day One


The cannon blasts, I push Guy off, wriggle my fat backside so as Bremen winner, Marcel Kalz doesn’t run me over and jog off the track. Those ‘Cara Mia’ bongos blast from the PA and make me smile; the lap board says ‘250’ and already the Schwalbes and Contis are roaring as the riders who started off the back straight fence hurtle into the home straight – welcome to the Copenhagen Six Day 2013.

Copenhagen Six Day 2013
The Team! Photo©Ed Hood

We have American riders Guy East – our man in Grenoble and Berlin, and Zach Kovalcik, cycle courier turned US Omnium Champion, who rode the ‘steher’ Six in Berlin and is paired with Guy for Copenhagen; plus solid German all rounder, Benjamin Edmuller.

It doesn’t take long for the status quo to be established as Michel Mørkøv zooms up the Cote d’Azur at the bottom of the track a dozen laps into the race.

Copenhagen Six Day 2013
Big Bob’s ‘no weel’. Photo©Ed Hood

Most riders on the track are sluggish after Berlin and the ensuing flights and ferries – and there’s illness, Robert Bartko for one is coughing and spluttering.

Copenhagen Six Day 2013
Michael tracks Marc. Photo©Ed Hood

But no such handicaps for the Saxo Home Boy who’s won here three times in the past; not last year though, when fellow Dane Marc Hester paired with the man who’s current king of the boards, but isn’t here due to road commitments – Iljo Keisse of Belgium.

But aforementioned Big Bob’s bad chest isn’t good news for Marc – last year’s winner and the big German on full fitness would be a formidable pairing.

Copenhagen Six Day 2013
Lasse Norman is a beast of a boy. Photo©Ed Hood

Michael is paired with Olympic Omnium Champion, Lasse Norman; if you watched that omnium then you’ll know that he’s one beast of a laddie – and only 20 years-old.

Copenhagen Six Day 2013
Par No.7 Photo©Ed Hood

Michael’s blood brother and partner here in their three wins, Alex Rasmussen, is still under suspension by the UCI over half-baked ‘whereabouts’ infringements.

Sometimes I almost feel sorry for the UCI and then I think about how unfairly they’ve treated Alex…

I sent him an email to tell him that we miss him; he assured me he’s training like a demon down in Girona and can’t wait to be get back into action.

The music is good in Copenhagen; Kool and the Gang, Alcazar, Rod Stewart, Kiss, Rick James, Sylvester – great madison music.

And on the boards it’s looking to me that the only question is; ‘who’ll be second?’

Probably Luke Roberts and Leif Lampater, the Aussie former team pursuit star has signed with a small German Continental team and has much more freedom to ride the Six Days; whilst Lampater is solid – if never having fully realised the promise of those heady early days when he regularly rode onto the podium with Erik Zabel.

They were the ones who looked to offer the most resistance to what looks like an inevitable Mørkøv win – one look at his gazelle legs, lean torso and tanned cheek bones tells you that he’s the fittest man in the hall by some margin.

Mørkøv/Norman win, no surprise and I suspect Michael just making it clear to everyone how it’s gonna be.

Copenhagen Six Day 2013
We’ve looked after Guy East before. Photo©Ed Hood