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Copenhagen Six Day 2013 – Day Four


It’s a lunchtime start today at the Copenhagen Six Day 2013, it’s a Sunday, Junior Senior’s ‘Everybody’ is a cool tune to organise the clothing to – but the bad news is that someone has pinched some of Sebastian Lander’s new BMC kit. I did think there were some dodgy looking youths among the ViPs last night.

Most of the guys are ‘flat’ today – with some it’s just battle fatigue, but some will no doubt be recovering from the post-race party which went on ‘til 05:00.

But Barth’s not ‘flat,’ he arrives with blaring ‘boogie box’ creating white noise as it battles with the stadium PA; he’s not big on training, likes night clubs, has an all over tan and two ear rings – and has an old Sercu fan like me shaking my head.

And he’s taken to wearing his crown and cape during the ‘balustrade’ sprint, oh dear…

The house is full; but mostly on free tickets from the Danish Post Office who are one of the big race sponsors.