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Julian Wheat – Winning French Races in the ’70s, and ‘the Mafia’


Julian Wheat
Julian Wheat gave it a ‘right good go’.

Brittany, the summer of 1977 and a group of Scottish cyclists including Vik, Ivan, Dave and yours truly are over there as competitors in the Roscoff–Lorient road race as part of the ‘Festival Interceltique de Lorient.’

A celebration of Celtic music, dance, traditional tests of strength – tug of war and the like – and with a bike race to start things off; just so the foreigners could get a good spanking.

There were participants from Ireland, Wales, Brittany and Scotland.

Off a diet of APR’s (handicapped road races) and time trials it’s needless to say that we enjoyed much of the splendid rolling Breton countryside from the comfort of the ‘sag bus.’

The good thing for us however was that