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Tom Gibbons – “Get Him on a Ridley!”


A man our friend Vik first pointed out to us last year and who we interviewed for ‘another well known website’ on account of him being North American, is a Thomas Rufus Gibbons – better known as Tom Gibbons.

When we spoke to Joshua Cunningham recently about what was happening in the Flatlands, he mentioned to us, ‘this American who won two kermises back to back – and that’s not easy to do!

And sure enough, it was our boy, Tom.

Tom Gibbons
Tom has had a few bouquets to give away already this season.

We caught up with the 23 year-old as he rested between races and opened by asking him about his ‘double.’

“I was on a high just with getting to Flanders but my first race was a real culture shock – 267 starters!

“I managed to get across to the break and took 11th place – I was pretty jacked up with that.

“Then the next two races were fields of around 90, I got across to the break both times and won. I’ve been 11th, two firsts, a third, a seventh off 213 starters, an eighth off 210 starters then 14th in an inter club.

“I came over in pretty good shape last year and raced four or five times each week; but top of that I was training hard – too much. I was winning but eventually my body broke down with the fatigue.

“For this season I started back in the autumn with some 30 hour training weeks, then I was forced to take time off because of the hurricane we experienced. In mid-Decemb