Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Iain Grant – The Scottish 25 Mile TT Champion


It was 1970 when I first got into cycling, the British ‘25’ record, set in 1969, stood to Alf Engers at 51:00 – it would be 1978 before that was improved upon when Eddie Adkins returned 50:50.

But it only lasted for minutes; because this was the day all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and ‘King Alf’ put the final burnish on his ‘legend’ status with 49:24 and left his fans – me included -smiling for days.

The physical genius of Graeme Obree apart, I never thought that I’d see times like that recorded in cold, damp Scotland in my life time – but on Sunday on a grey and not at all summery day, Ian Grant recorded 50:46 to win the Scottish ‘25’ title.

A dazzling performance even in these days of aero helmets, disc wheels, tri-bars and wind tunnel sculpted frames.

We thought we should have a chat with Mr. Grant about his ride and just how he goes so damn fast.