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Cavendish Takes the British Road Championships 2013 Title


Here’s the VeloVeritas take on our Sunday in the City by the Clyde, or as it goes in The Gaelic, ‘The Dear Green Place’, for the British Road Championships 2013.

Many of you will have been there and will have your own race report inside your head but just to remind you:

“Stannard and Fenn go clear on lap one; Millar, Kennaugh, Swift and Cavendish chase and eventually bridge up; those six are the race; Swift and Fenn run out of gas and slide off; Kennaugh gets dropped on the last lap; Cav leaves Stannard and Millar in his jet wash over the last 350 metres in Glasgow Green to be crowned British Champion.”

* * *

The Men of the Day

British Road Race Championships 2013
The break.
British Road Championships 2013
Mark Cavendish winning the British Road Championship in Glasgow.

Mark Cavendish

As Dave says, he draws you into being a fan – and that was before we saw him ride in the break all day long.

You’ll have your own superlatives for the man – all we can say is; ‘total respect, Mark.’

British Road Race Championships 2013
Andy Fenn.

Andy Fenn

He’s the real thing, we wrote about him winning Gullegem Koerse the other week, no ‘softies’ win that one.

I remember seeing him before the Copenhagen U23 Worlds and thinking; ‘he could get a medal here!’ he was so focussed – and history proved me correct.

British Road Race Championships 2013
David Millar.

David Millar

Sometimes there’s a tad too much art school ‘RaphaSpeak’ for me; but you have to respect the man.

There’s not much he hasn’t done in professional cycling – and call me corny but I love the fact that he’s proud of his Scottish roots.

When some were ducking on the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, Millar was right there and giving his all for the Saltire.

Martin and I were at the Tour one year a barrier leaning US fan for some reason thought that ‘Mee-lahr’ was American.

The reply was succinct; ‘I’m f**king Scottish!

British Road Race Championships 2013
Ian Stannard.

Ian Stannard

He’s paid his dues, Landbouwkrediet and ISD – neither team was for cissies.

He was stellar in Milan-Sanremo and if Sky gets their Classics preparation right then he’s a man who could win one.

* * *

But it wasn’t a good day for…

British Road Race Championships 2013
Alex Dowsett.

Alex Dowsett

He’s still suffering from his war wounds from Thursday night when his front tub and base tape got a divorce on the first corner of the night in the British time trial champs.

But doesn’t he look the part?