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Scottish 50 Mile Time Trial Championships 2013 – Iain Grant Romps Clear


Iain Grant (Dooleys Cycles) dominated the Scottish 50 Mile Time Trial Championship on a windy and overcast morning, taking yet another national title and repeating his top position in last year’s championship event with a time of 1.46.53, a superb two and a half minutes clear over silver medallist Silas Goldsworthy (Sandy Wallace Cycles), and the Royal Navy’s Sean Childs – second last season – a further minute and a half back in third place.

Iain Grant
Iain Grant was totally in control this morning.

Held over two laps of the fast ‘t’ shaped based on the A71 and A78 south or Irvine in Ayeshire, the field for the championship was almost full for the event, however 19 men didn’t take the start and nine didn’t finish.

Seven women completed the event, with Anda-Jay Burgess (Sandy Wallace Cycles) the fastest in  2.04 51, silver going to Christine McLean (Shetland Wheelers) 30 seconds down, these two well clear – over seven minutes – of bronze medal winner, local rider Toni McIntosh (Ayr Roads).

Iain Grant
Anda-Jay Burgess, fastest lady.

Visible fastest of all the riders, Grant rode a considered and carefully measured race, acknowledging our camera lens and time check with a nod on the first of his two laps and looking like he was in cruise-control mode as he swept passed us on his second, tailwind assisted hurtle towards the timekeeper.

Iain Grant
Silas Goldsworthy looked determined and focused throughout.
Iain Grant
Sean Childs.
Iain Grant
Arthur also gave us a wave as he headed for the finish.

We positioned ourselves with a few miles to the finish to be able to see the riders four times, as they headed for the southernmost turn at Papermill and on their return leg, or final section if on their their second lap.

The shape of the course meant that riders were constantly passing on either their first or second lap so there wasn’t a point where we had to wait long for the next photo, but it did make time-checking more challenging, so we decided just to put a watch on the last ten men, the win and podium places most likely going to these guys.

At each of the four opportunities we got to check the ‘bigs’, Grant was always in the lead; 10″ up on Alan Thomson on the first lap way out to the ‘far turn’.

Iain Grant
Alan Thomson was lying second at the first time check, but fell back on the second lap.
Ian Grant
At this stage Goldsworthy was third, 14″ behind Grant.
Iain Grant
Carlos Riise was already 2’05” down on Grant.

Heading back passed us to complete their first lap, Grant was still fastest, this time 1’00” up on Thomson and Goldsworthy and 2’00” faster than Doyle.

Iain Grant
Jim Cusick was consistently sixth in our checks.
Iain Grant
…but we didn’t have a watch on eventual sixth place finisher Alan Mill.
Iain Grant
We winced when I saw some riders taking the ‘racing line’ on the outside of lane, as the traffic passed at motorway speeds.
Iain Grant
Lynsey Curran.
Iain Grant
Norman Skene always has a smile for us, or is that a grimace?
Iain Grant
Colin Sim (Aberdeen Wh) caught Jocky Johnstone for two minutes but wasn’t able to distance him further, with the Icarus rider staying (very) close on the two occasions we saw them.
Iain Grant
Derek McMillan was giving it everything.
Iain Grant
We hadn’t realised that SC rules still allow the use of Spinergy wheels, seen here on Brian Nicol’s machine…
Iain Grant
…and we had to check our camera once Iain Grant had passed – yep, that’s a ‘Camelfront’ as used by one F.Schleck, once, before banned by the UCI for international competition.

By the last time we see Grant he’s only a few wind-assisted A-road miles from the finish and 2’20” ahead of Goldsworthy and 3’34” up on Childs.

Iain Grant
Grant looks to be cruising, and has time to acknowledge our time check.
Iain Grant
Sean Childs turns in a superb final leg to move into third spot.
Iain Grant
Gavin Shirley was third counter in the winning team.

We’ll be talking to the new Champion again soon, to get the lowdown on his title ride.

* * *

Scottish 50 Mile TT Championships 2013 – Results

Results - Scottish 50 Mile Time Trial Championships 2013

Mens' Result

1 Iain Grant 1.46 53
2 Silas Goldsworthy Sandy Wallace Cycles 1.49 25
3 Sean Childs Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 1.50 47
4 Arthur Doyle 1.52 23
5 Alan Thomson Sandy Wallace Cycles 1.52 36
6 Allan Mill Sandy Wallace Cycles 1.52 49
7 James Cusick Glasgow Couriers 1.53 42
8 Stephen Cairns Perth United Cycling Club 1.53 50
9 Robert Carson 1.53 55
10 Gavin Shirley 1.54 46
11 Thomas Gordon 1.55 31
12 Euan Pope Glasgow Road Club 1.55 50
13 Nick Tryon Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 1.55 54
14 Graeme Hay Stirling Bike Club 1.55 57
15 Kenneth Armstrong Ayr Roads Cycling Club 1.56 02
16 Derek McMillan St Christopher’s CC 1.57 50
17 Carlos Riise Shetland Wheelers 1.58 19
18 Kenneth Darling Hawick CC 1.58 20
19 Jason Barnes Glasgow Nightingale CC 1.58 34
20 Michael Robb Ayr Roads Cycling Club 1.59 32
21 Scott Newman Inverclyde Velo 1.59 39
22 Sean Gray 1.59 45
23 John Dunlop Loudoun RC 1.59 52
24 Paul McInally Rock and Road Cycles 2.00 28
25 Daniel McShane Glasgow Road Club 2.00 30
26 Mark Skilling Ayr Roads Cycling Club 2.00 35
27 Andrew Scott Musselburgh RCC 2.00 57
28 Norman Skene Granite City RT 2.01 43
29 Gordon Stead Fullarton Wheelers 2.01 44
30 James Ryland Fullarton Wheelers 2.02 18
31 Ian Condie Dunfermline CC 2.02 33
32 Andrew Underwood Glasgow Whls 2.02 34
33 Nicolas Percy Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 2.03 25
34 David Johnston Gala Cycling Club 2.03 39
35 William McFarlane unattached 2.03 42
36 Gary Bratt Lomond Roads CC 2.04 03
37 Kevin Watson Deeside Thistle CC 2.04 29
38 Alexander McAllister Ayr Roads Cycling Club 2.04 29
39 Duncan Warwick Deeside Thistle CC 2.04 41
40 Brendan McCabe Aberdeen Wheelers CC 2.04 43
41 Randle Shenton team swift 2.04 50
42 John McCrory Glasgow United CC 2.04 51
43 Keith Anderson Pro-AM Racing Club 2.04 56
44 Sadiq Mir West Lothian Clarion CC 2.05 46
45 Graham Jones Edinburgh RC 2.06 02
46 Stephen Beech Sandy Wallace Cycles 2.06 19
47 Stuart Somerville Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 2.06 22
48 Buchanan Paterson Stirling Bike Club 2.07 16
49 Andrew Prenelle Icarus Racing 2.07 36
50 Brian Nicol Ayr Roads Cycling Club 2.07 43
51 Steven Brennan Pro-AM Racing Club 2.07 54
52 Richard MacPherson Glasgow United CC 2.08 00
53 John Anderson Glasgow Road Club 2.08 28
54 Geoff Smith Glasgow Couriers 2.08 45
55 David Wards West Lothian Clarion CC 2.09 23
56 Douglas Kirkham Musselburgh RCC 2.09 46
57 Robert Kelly Ayr Roads Cycling Club 2.10 37
58 Colin Sim Aberdeen Wheelers CC 2.10 50
59 Hector Nicolson Moray Firth Cycling Club 2.12 22
60 William Munro Glasgow Wheelers 2.12 29
61 Bob Taylor Dooleys RT 2.12 35
62 William Stephen Glasgow Couriers 2.13 11
63 John Johnstone Icarus Racing 2.13 14
64 Paul Hornby Glasgow Ivy CC 2.13 43
65 Eric Easson Glasgow Wheelers 2.14 23
66 Mike Ferguson Johnstone Wheelers CC 2.15 26
67 Iain Cowden Johnstone Wheelers CC 2.15 33
68 George Donnelly Johnstone Wheelers 2.17 37
69 James Skinner 2.19 19
70 Frazer Grant Glasgow Couriers 2.21 53
71 Mark Beverstock Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 2.26 32
72 Robert Cooper Law Wheelers 2.28 11
73 Andrew Wilson St Christopher’s CC 2.29 34
74 George Skinner Royal Albert CC 2.37 54


Alan Rutherford St Christopher’s CC
William Bunyan Dunfermline CC
Andrew Dobinson Glasgow Green Cycle Club
Tommy Gribbon Walkers Cycling Club
Barry McGurk Glasgow Road Club
David Robinson North Argyll Cycle Club
Christopher Adamson Gala Cycling Club
Sandy Wallace Sandy Wallace Cycles
Robert McLean Angus Bike Chain


Brian McLellan West Lothian Clarion CC
Martin Shields Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Collingwood
Edward Thomson Ayr Roads Cycling Club
Ben Parkinson Lomond Roads CC
Alexander Douglas Pro-AM Racing Club
Iain Duguid
Christopher Staples Fullarton Wheelers
Stuart MacGregor
Robert Robertson Glasgow Road Club
Stuart Moran North Argyll CC
Ross Laidlaw Gala Cycling Club
David Caesar
Stephen Davidson Perth United Cycling Club
Mark Tandy Deeside Thistle CC
Eric Davidson Moray Firth CC
Barrie McCutcheon
Craig McGowan pedal power rt
David McLellan
David Gibson


Dooleys RT (Iain Grant, Arthur Doyle, Gavin Shirley)

Womens' Result

1 Anda-Jay Burgess Sandy Wallace Cycles 2.04 51
2 Christine McLean Shetland Wheelers 2.05 22
3 Toni McIntosh Ayr Roads Cycling Club 2.12 33
4 Lynsey Curran Glasgow Couriers 2.12 38
5 Catherine Logan Walkers Cycling Club 2.17 03
6 Lynne Wardrop Ayr Roads Cycling Club 2.18 28
7 Jennifer Nicol Fullarton Wheelers 2.51 40


Aileen Scott Fusion Tri / G3R
Laura Nicolson Moray Firth Cycling Club
Jennifer Taylor Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpeliers


Ayr Roads CC (Lynne Wardrop, Toni McIntosh)

* * *