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Jack Bauer – Tour Talk with Garmin’s Kiwi Star


Forget stories of barbed wire fences; that’s not what did the damage to our favourite Tour rider, Jack Bauer’s face. We know what really happened on stage 19 but gave our word to Jack that we’d keep schtum – suffice to say that it was a sore one and not his fault.

We bumped into him in the twilight of the Champs-Elysées on Sunday night as he waited for the Garmin post-Tour shindig.

Not an amazing Tour for Garmin but hardly a disaster for them either, with Dan Martin’s stage win on the board and Andrew Talansky continuing his upward climb through the ranks.

Jack had a dozen stitches in place but already the swelling was on the way down and there’s little doubt he’ll soon be back to looking as cool as ever.

He’s headed for the beach and a bit of rest and relaxation before he makes plans for the rest of the season.

If you read our site regularly, you’ll know the story about our relationship with Jack.

Jack Bauer
We’ve followed Jack’s progress since he arrived in Belgium, and were gutted to see him crash out of the Tour. Photo©Martin Williamson

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