Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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E.V. (Ernie) Mitchell – Scottish Star of the 50’s


Sometimes it’s strange how you pick up on a story; take this one. My friend, former colleague and owner of a rather nice Look, Kenny Burrell sent me a text about a gentleman he’d been chatting to – a certain Mr E.V. (Ernie) Mitchell by name.

The first man to break two hours for a 50 mile TT in Scotland, back in the 1950’s” said Ken.

I’ll check that out, Ken” I texted back.

And that was the first step on my journey to E.V.’s (although he prefers Ernie, these days) front door.

He was a man well ahead of his time; one of the first to drive to races and not ride out on the morning; he trained twice each day, a la Ekimov in his Russian pursuit team days; his fixed wheel track iron was built super-tight with sprinter’s rake on the forks to ‘keep it alive’ – not with the ‘lazy’ rake and big clearances of his contemporaries – a la Alf Engers.

And also, just like Alf he risked riding the lightest of track tubulars on the road in search of speed.