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Murray Hall – the Aussie British Madison Champion


Murray Hall
Aussie stalwart, Murray Hall.

Back in 1972 when Edinburgh’s Meadowbank Velodrome was still a thing of beauty and not kindling-in-waiting, the British Madison Championships were held there.

I’d been reading about the Six Days over the winter and wanted to see for myself what a ‘chase’ was really like.

The field was meagre but I remember being fascinated by the tactics, technique and speed.

The men who won that day were the young Australian rider, Murray Hall – then riding for Croydon Premier – and his compatriot, Tom Moloney.

Back then Aussies could contest British titles if they were in a UK club; until the Archer Road Club became a virtual Australian colony, the men from Down Under began to Hoover up too many titles and the BCF changed the rules.

We caught up with Murray recently during our researches about the Six Day races of old – he has a good tale to tell.

Tell us about the Archer Road Club connection please, Murray.