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Davie Lines – A New Team for 2014: Starley Primal


David Lines
David Lines.

VeloVeritas has just about caught up with merry-go-round of new teams and transfers for 2014 – and one of the rotations we noticed is that former Scottish Criterium Champion, Davie Lines moves from the baby blue of MG Maxifuel Pro Cycling to the more aggressive red and black of Starley Primal Pro Cycling.

Here’s what he had to say to VeloVeritas just the other day:

You’re still a fireman, Davie – isn’t it hard to fit in the training?

“Yes, I think I’ll be there ‘til they knock the building down! I work shifts and fit my training around that, for example if I’m day shift I’ll cycle to and from work that’s Falkirk to Edinburgh, 27 miles each way.

“If I’m on night I’ll do three or four hours before work. Doing the training isn’t the problem – it’s the recovery which is more difficult.”