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Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014 – Iain Grant Confirms his Status


On a typical four seasons in one day Scottish spring morning on the fast dual carriageways of the Irvine by-pass, Dooleys’ Iain Grant reminded us all why he’s Scotland’s short distance king with a stunning 19 minutes and 40 seconds ride to relegate his team mate and former ’10’ champion, Arthur Doyle into the silver medal position, 15 seconds back and reigning champion Ben Peacock (Paisley Velo) into bronze with 19:59.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Iain Grant took the Scottish 10 Mile TT Championship and led the Dooleys Cycles Team to a new Scottish Team Record. Photo©Martin Williamson

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Arthur Doyle, second place at 15 seconds. Photo©Martin Williamson

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Ben Peacock on the podium in third spot. Photo©Martin Williamson

It ain’t scenic down on the Irvine by-pass, especially in the drizzle of a grey Sunday morning parked up in a lay-by adjacent to the local cowp.

But fixed distance time trials aren’t meant to be bonnie – they’re meant to be fast.

And the Irvine by-pass is all of that; a quiet start, drop off the roundabout ramp on to the dual carriageway, south to the roundabout turn at the paper mill then back to finish just before the start interchange.

The ladies were first off – and that lady from Aberdeen must have been reading about testers back in the 70’s when all the top boys ‘white lined’ to get the best drag off the traffic.

It does help – if you survive.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Lynne Wardrop, 6th fastest. Photo©Martin Williamson

On purely visual Lyne Wardrop of Ayr Roads was fastest early on; neat and tidy with the power going down as it should – but Lucy Coldwell (Pasta Montegrappa) was moving quicker in our book, and indeed ended up fastest with 22:30.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Lucy Coldwell is the new Scottish Women’s Champion. Photo©Martin Williamson

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Anda-Jay Burgess ended the day in third place with 23’10”. Photo©Martin Williamson

By the time last lady and race favourite Anda-Jay Burgess (Rock & Road Cycles) whistled south in her black skinsuit the breeze was lifting and it was ‘no warm’ as we say in Fife.

But favourite or not, we had her 27 seconds down on Lynsey Curran (Dooleys).

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Lynsey Curran finished in silver medal position with 22’47” and led the Dooleys Cycles team to the women’s team prize. Photo©Martin Williamson

Of the Youths, Sandy Wallace’s Stuart Turvey looked and was the quickest, with 23’59”.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Fastest Youth, Stuart Turvey. Photo©Martin Williamson

In the Junior competition, Angus Claxton (Moray Firth CC) took gold with a 22’06”.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
First Junior, Moray Firth’s Angus Claxton. Photo©Martin Williamson

First senior to pass was Alastair McGibbon (Ayr Roads) off number two and looking not too shabby having caught and dropped first man off, vet and former Scottish Hill Climb and 12 hour Champion Albert McLennan (Glasgow Couriers) – his shoulders as square as ever.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Alastair McGibbon. Photo©Martin Williamson

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Albert McLellan. Photo©Martin Williamson

We put the watch on Dooley’s Sean Gray off five, rolled up in a ball and getting a big one round.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Sean Gray. Photo©Martin Williamson

Right behind him was Kenny Armstrong (Ayr Roads) – we had our eye off the watch but he may have been a wee bit up on Gray – quite possible with a personal of 20:24.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Kenny Armstrong. Photo©Martin Williamson

A fine drizzle arrived to brighten things up even more as Paul McLafferty off 20 (Glasgow Ivy) zoomed south.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Paul McLafferty. Photo©Martin Williamson

But where’s the famous Ivy maglia rosa? – we made him 10 seconds up on Gray.

Ayr’s Mick Robb off 35 was close to Gray’s mark and riding a BiG gear north; the cold drift having died to give still but far from warm conditions.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Michael Robb. Photo©Martin Williamson

Davie Millar (Glasgow Couriers) what can you say?

He was a vet when I raced in the late 70’s and here he is, within 30 seconds of a strongman like Sean Gray, six miles into the race – respect.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Davie Millar. Photo©Martin Williamson

Nick Tryon (Dooleys) was our next bench mark – he didn’t disappoint, flat back, big geared and with the disc and tyres making the right noises – 50 seconds up on Gray with a new race beginning.

Tryon would finish sixth on 20:20, one of the best rides of the day when the course was at it’s coldest and dourest with a chilly run home in contrast to the mild drift taking the top seeds home.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Nick Tryon. Photo©Martin Williamson

Gavin Shirley was looking good for Dooleys, but down on Tryon.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Gavin Shirley. Photo©Martin Williamson

Dooleys were already looking solid for the team as no. 70 Thomas Gordon shaved Gray’s time for them but he was also down on the flying Tryon.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Thomas Gordon. Photo©Martin Williamson

Johnstone’s Alan Holmes looked good to us although we didn’t get a watch on him – 20:44 at the finish for eighth spot.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Alan Holmes. Photo©Martin Williamson

Gerry McGarrity (Paisley Velo) looked the part off 80 was around the Gray mark but not in the Tryon park.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Gerry McGarrity. Photo©Martin Williamson

Peter Ettles (Sandy Wallace) was on gears today, but not a bad course at all for a fixed wheel.

The sun began to shine for Mr. Ettles as he took 12 seconds off Gray’s time and the drift began to come from the south to blow him home.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Peter Ettles. Photo©Martin Williamson

Norman Skene (Velocity) was another forsaking fixed for gears as the traffic flow and breeze began to rise.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Norman Skene. Photo©Martin Williamson

Gary Robson (Gala) is a man who’s won medals in this race; but despite being up on Gray’s time was well down on Tryon – but that Castelli speedsuit looks nice.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Gary Robson. Photo©Martin Williamson

Gordon Murdoch (Icarus) heads south, the gear is big but he’s boring through the rising breeze and there’s a little heat in the air, now.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Gordon Murdoch. Photo©Martin Williamson

Did Chris Smart (Paisley Velo) DNS or did we just miss him?

Nope, we catch him on the way back and he’s a minute up on Murdoch – he won the recent Jason MacIntyre ’10’ so is one of the favourites.

Looking very good indeed, low, purposeful, fast with a 20:16 at the end for fourth spot.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Chris Smart. Photo©Martin Williamson

Alan Thomson (Sandy Wallace) is next and we have him down on Smart – 20:41 and seventh for Alan at the end.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Alan Thomson. Photo©Martin Williamson

Chris Isaats (Berwick) is just off the pace, seven seconds back and very smooth, but no 20 minute ride at the end.

The traffic flow is still light and there’s heat in the sun as the breeze comes and goes.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Chris Istaats. Photo©Martin Williamson

Isaats team mate, Harry Armstrong is dead level with his amigo and would shade inside 21 minutes by a single tick of the second hand for 10th equal.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Harry Armstrong. Photo©Martin Williamson

Arthur Doyle (Dooleys) next, he’s flying, he goes top on our watch, 30 seconds up on Smart and Thomson and in full ‘cruise missile’ mode.

The watch would stop on 19:55 for Arthur – the year I was born.

Team mate Iain Grant is next as all of sudden the traffic count rises.

He looks calm, strong, good and the watch backs it up – 10 seconds up on Arthur, it would be 15 at the line.

Silas Goldsworthy (Sandy Wallace) flies past – funny how the fastest guys also have the best positions.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championships 2014
Silas Goldsworthy. Photo©Martin Williamson

But we have him 10 seconds down on Arthur, 15 down on Ian and with reigning champion, Peacock still to come Silas may well be going home without a medal?

Peacock – on our watch he’s level with Grant but by the finish the gap would be 19 seconds – Iain flew or Ben died?

Perhaps a bit of both?

Scottish 10 Mile TT Championships
Ben Peacock heads for the finish. Photo©Martin Williamson

The top three inside 20 minutes and we made it 11 sub 21 minute rides – how things have moved on in Scottish testing.

See you at the ’25’?

Results - Scottish 10 Mile TT Championships 2014

Ladies Championship

1 1st Lucy Coldwell Velosport – Pasta Montegrappa 22.30
2 2nd Lynsey Curran 22.47
3 3rd Anda-Jay Burgess Rock And Road Cycles 23.10
4 Toni McIntosh Ayr Roads Cycling Club 23.36
5 Sian Tovey 23.38
6 Lynne Wardrop Ayr Roads Cycling Club 24.25
7 Anne Ewing WV Breda 24.26
8 Jennie McColl Aberdeen Wheelers CC 24.36
9 Catherine Logan Walkers Cycling Club 25.17
10 Valerie Martin 25.28
11 Jenni Nicholson Sandy Wallace Cycles 26.30
12 Isobel Fletcher Glasgow Whls 27.20
13 Debra Pollard West Lothian Clarion CC 27.24
14 1st jun Keira Johnston Glasgow Cycle Team 28.02
15 Cathy Barlow Royal Albert CC 28.10
16 Fiona Walker Walkers Cycling Club 28.13
17 1st youth Eleanor Strathdee Edinburgh RC 29.09
18 Jennifer Nicol Fullarton Wheelers 30.25

Kara Griffiths Deeside Thistle CC
Anna Turvey Tyneside Vagabonds CC
Laura Nicolson Moray Firth Cycling Club
Victoria Hunter Sandy Wallace Cycles

Lynsey Curran 46.25
Sian Tovey

Junior and Youth Championship


1 Angus Claxton Moray Firth Cycling Club 22.06
2 Martin Edgar Lomond Roads CC 23.56
3 Stuart Paterson Glasgow Couriers 24.10
4 Craig Forsyth Gala Cycling Club 24.11
5 Gavin Laffoley Fife Century RC 25.46

Neil Fleming East Sutherland Wheelers


1 Stuart Turvey Sandy Wallace Cycles 23.59
2 Michael Bibby Aberdeen Wheelers CC 28.26
3 Fraser Paterson Glasgow Couriers 29.16

Mens Championship

1 1st Iain Grant 19.40
2 2nd Arthur Doyle 19.55
3 3rd Benjamin Peacock Paisley Velo Race Team 19.59
4 Chris Smart Paisley Velo Race Team 20.16
5 Silas Goldsworthy Sandy Wallace Cycles 20.17
6 Nick Tryon 20.20
7 Alan Thomson Sandy Wallace Cycles 20.41
8 Alan Holmes Johnstone Wheelers CC 20.44
9 James Cusick 20.54
10 Ewan Taylor Perth United Cycling Club 20.59
11 Harry Armstrong Berwick Wheelers CC 20.59
12 Joe Nicolson Aberdeen Wheelers CC 21.00
13 Christopher Isats Berwick Wheelers CC 21.04
14 Gerry McGarrity Paisley Velo Race Team 21.06
15 Peter Ettles Sandy Wallace Cycles 21.10
16 Duncan Ewing TheBicycleWorks 21.11
17 Thomas Gordon 21.12
18 Gary Robson Gala Cycling Club 21.14
19= Gavin Shirley 21.15
19= Iain Elliott West Lothian Clarion CC 21.15
21 David McLellan 21.17
22 John Dunlop Loudoun RC 21.18
23 Kenneth Darling Hawick CC 21.19
24 Andy Cowie Highland Bikes Racing Team 21.22
25 Kenneth Armstrong Ayr Roads Cycling Club 21.29
26 Stephen Cairns Perth United Cycling Club 21.30
27 Paul McLafferty Glasgow Ivy CC 21.34
28 Iain Duguid TheBicycleWorks 21.36
29 Jason Barnes Glasgow Nightingale CC 21.39
30 Callum Finlayson Moray Firth Cycling Club 21.42
31 Michael Robb Ayr Roads Cycling Club 21.43
32= James Tree 21.44
32= Derek McMillan St Christopher’s CC 21.44
34 Neil Walker Walkers Cycling Club 21.48
35 Sean Gray 21.49
36= Graham Barclay Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique 21.51
36= Andrew Scorey Berwick Wheelers CC 21.51
38 Billy McFarlane 21.53
39 Brian Muir Pro-AM Racing Club 21.54
40 Graeme Hay Stirling Bike Club 21.55
41 Ross Dymock Glasgow Green Cycle Club 21.58
42 Sadiq Mir West Lothian Clarion CC 22.00
43 Scott Newman Glasgow Couriers 22.02
44 Andrew Scott Musselburgh RCC 22.03
45 Chris Stewart Classic Racing Team 22.06
46= Stuart Whitelaw Lomond Roads CC 22.09
46= James Hall Rock And Road Cycles 22.09
46= John Paterson Classic Racing Team 22.09
49 Mark Skilling Icarus Racing 22.10
50 Stewart Gordon Dunfermline CC 22.11
51 Angus Wilson Dundee Thistle RC 22.12
52 Paul Gibson Ayr Roads Cycling Club 22.15
53= Alastair McGibbon Ayr Roads Cycling Club 22.16
53= Gordon Murdoch Icarus Racing 22.16
55 Cameron Scade Dumfries CC 22.18
56 Graeme Cockburn Glasgow Nightingale CC 22.20
57 Jon Clarke Glasgow Whls 22.23
58 Michael Curran Ayr Roads Cycling Club 22.25
59 Keith Johnston 22.26
60= Hyland Hamilton Glasgow Couriers 22.30
60= Ian King Velocity 44 Stirling 22.30
62= David Millar Glasgow Couriers 22.31
62= Douglas Kirkham Musselburgh RCC 22.31
64 Jonny May Edinburgh RC 22.32
65 Andrew Strathdee Edinburgh RC 22.33
66 Martin Wilson VC Glasgow South 22.34
67 Kevin Brown Ayr Roads Cycling Club 22.35
68 William Bunyan Dunfermline CC 22.37
69 Norman Skene Velocity 44 Stirling 22.50
70= Brian Nicol Ayr Roads Cycling Club 22.51
70= Alistair Meikle Gala Cycling Club 22.51
70= James Meek Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique 22.51
73 Robert Kelly Ayr Roads Cycling Club 22.52
74 Graham Barron Glasgow Road Club 22.54
75 George Shanley Kinross CC 22.56
76 Frederick Connor VC Glasgow South 23.01
77 David Johnston Gala Cycling Club 23.04
78 Ronnie Graham Law Wheelers CC 23.06
79= Richard Graveling Stirling Bike Club 23.09
79= John Anderson Glasgow Road Club 23.09
81 David Beattie Hawick CC 23.11
82 Charles Adams VC Glasgow South 23.16
83 Andrew Kilpatrick Team Right Move Windows 23.21
84 Sandy Wallace Sandy Wallace Cycles 23.23
85 Wilson Kane East Kilbride Road Club 23.29
86 Geoff Smith Glasgow Couriers 23.31
87 Hector Nicolson Moray Firth Cycling Club 23.36
88 Graham Jones Edinburgh RC 23.38
89 Eric Davidson Moray Firth Cycling Club 23.46
90= Andrew Spruce Sandy Wallace Cycles 23.48
90= David Wards West Lothian Clarion CC 23.48
92= Ian Anderson Walkers Cycling Club 23.58
92= Stephen Malaney Glasgow Couriers 23.58
94 Neil Shepherd Gala Cycling Club 23.59
95 Tony Nugent East Kilbride Road Club 24.01
96 John Johnstone Icarus Racing 24.19
97 Albert McLellan Glasgow Couriers 24.27
98 Bob Taylor 24.34
99 Brian Thomson Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique 24.35
100 Alan Solway Kennoway RC 24.54
101 Stuart Donaghy Lomond Roads CC 25.07
102 Fred Turvey Sandy Wallace Cycles 25.19
103 Frazer Grant Glasgow Couriers 25.27
104 Stephen Begen East Kilbride Road Club 26.09
105 Edwin Nelson Glasgow Couriers 26.20


Craig McGowan Pedal Power RT
Paul Friel Glasgow Road Club
Ricky Sutherland Icarus Racing


Mark Ewing West Lothian Clarion CC
William Cummings Glasgow Couriers
Sean Gordon Team Thomsons Cycles
David Turnbull North Argyll Cycle Club
Frank Anderson West Lothian Clarion CC
Steven Liddle Ben Wyvis Cycle Club
Robert McLean Angus Bike Chain
Christopher Staples Fullarton Wheelers
Andrew Prenelle Icarus Racin
Ian Sim Paisley Velo Race Team
Ian Humphreys Sandy Wallace Cycles
Barrie McCutcheon

Scottish Team Record

Iain Grant 59.55
Arthur Doyle
Nick Tryon


Scottish 10 Mile TT Championships
Silas Goldsworthy looks like he got everything out. Photo©Ed Hood



Ed Hood and Martin Williamson
Ed and Martin, our top team! They try to do the local Time Trials, the Grand Tours and the Classics together to get the great stories written, the quality photos taken, the driving done and the wifi wrestled with.

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