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Norman Hill – Part One, Six Day Racing in the 60’s and 70’s


Norman HIll
Norman HIll.

With just about everything on ‘hold’ awaiting le Tour kicking off in Yorkshire, we thought we’d slip back through the decades to a different era.

One where the ‘big motors’ were still the thing; Six Days packed them in and pave didn’t just come in two kilometer packages.

You may not have heard of Englishman, Norman Hill – but he has the T-shirt, video and DVD as a ‘stayer,’ Six Day man and kermis rider on the hard roads of Flanders and The Netherlands.

Here’s his story.

How did you get into the Six Days, Norman?

“The London Skol Six in 1967.

“Dutch promoter Charly Ruys put on a series of madisons through that summer and he signed UK riders who rode those selection events.”

How did you ge