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OrIca GreenEdge
Cops and Guitars

Our pal Craig Geater works as a mechanic for the Orica GreenEDGE team, and is putting in the hard shifts at the Tour de France.

Like everyone involved in the race, he’s very busy, but when he has his iPad or phone in hand he’s been taking a moment or two to snap some images, and fire them over to us.

* * *

Stage 1

The Harrogate police turned up at our bus before the stage and took an interest in the guitars we use in the BackStage Pass videos.

So naturally they were all equipped with their very own OGE team issue guitars before they set off to carry out their Tour Stage duties.

OrIca GreenEdge
Cops and Guitars. Photo©Craig Geater
Orica GreenEdge
Off they cops go, with the guitars strapped on all day! Photo©Craig Geater

* * *

 Stage 5

All these wheels in the wagon here were just used for one day, during the Arenberg pave stage.

A few runs for the drivers back and forward to the Service Course.

Orica GreenEdge
Roubaix Wheels fill the truck. Photo©Craig Geater

* * *

Stage 6

If the day before wasn’t hard enough the Tour start the next day seemed like we were back on the muddy pave sectors!

Orica GreenEdge
Mud right outside the team bus isn’t ideal for anyone. Photo©Craig Geater

* * *

Stage 8

Here’s the British Neo Pro Simon Yates sitting in 3rd place on the road during in his first breakaway in his first Tour, with only 5km to go.

He just came up short, running out of legs with 2km to go  and was caught by a small group containing the Tour GC favourites in yet more shocking weather.

Orica GreenEdge
Simon Yates has impressed here in his first Tour. Photo©Craig Geater

* * *

Stage 10

July! Summertime in the Tour de France… it’s rained pretty much every day since we left Yorkshire!

He’s been a pro for many years but this is Matt Hayman’s first Tour de France, and now it’s over for him.

He rode the whole day alone in rain and heavy fog after being dropped on the first climb of the day.

Sadly though, he eventually abandoned with only 25km to go when we worked out that he was going to be outside the time limit for the day.

Orican GreenEdge
Matt Hayman had a pretty rough last day on the race. Photo©Craig Geater

* * *

Rest Day #1

One of my jobs on the rest day was to setup some new shoes, using the jig.

It was made 21 years ago by one of our Directors, Vittorio Algeri – it’s bloody good!

Orica GreenEdge
The ACPT; “Algeri Cleat Positioning Tool”. Photo©Craig Geater
Orica GreenEdge
Here’s me in action. Photo©Craig Geater
Orica GreenEdge
OGE  Australian cameraman Dan Jones and our Belgian rider Jens Keukeleire battle out a friendly football play station match during the rest day. Photo©Craig Geater

Luke Durbridge spent some time setting up his new TT bike.

Durbo reckons it’s a bit of a tool – his first words after riding it;

“This is a f****n’ awesome weapon sent from God.”

Orica GreenEdge
Durbo admires his new Tt bike. Photo©Craig Geater
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Craig is a professional mechanic and works with the Orica GreenEdge team.