Paisley Velo’s Chris Smart joined the likes of Ian Steel, Billy Bilsland, Graeme Obree and Jason MacIntyre on the Tour de Trossachs roll of honour with a fine 1:08:10 winning ride on a cool, grey morning which favoured the strong men.

Tour de Trossachs
Chris Smart. Photo©Martin Williamson

Last year’s winner, Silas Goldsworthy (Sandy Wallace Cycles) was second with 1:09:29 and fast pedalling David Griffiths (Glasgow Wheelers) third in 1:09:47.

Tour de Trossachs
Silas Goldsworthy. Photo©Martin Williamson
Tour de Trossachs
David Griffiths. Photo©Martin Williamson

VeloVeritas drove the whole course and snapped about every rider…

Tour de Trossachs
Nearly at the ‘top o’ the Dukes’. Photo©Martin Williamson

The top of ‘The Dukes’ 10:35 am and the early starters pech their way up on a cool, grey Trossachs morning past the ferns and heather.

Tour de Trossachs
Allan Duncan. Photo©Martin Williamson

Number 10, Alan Duncan and number 20 Barry Wilson look to be best ‘on it’ – no club names on the start sheet, sorry.

Tour de Trossachs
Barry Wilson. Photo©Martin Williamson

Ross Cunningham of the Glasgow Green CC revs past in a wee gear; he’s caught his anonymous minute man so must be going not too bad – and his three minute man Martin Kane.

Tour de Trossachs
Ross Cunningham. Photo©Martin Williamson

It’s getting chilly up here, time to move, descent shots, just for a change …

There’s a wee bit of a head wind coming and going off the summit and the views north are amazing – but on wet tar the riders will be paying attention to the next bend, not the vistas.

Tour de Trossachs
Elizabeth Henry. Photo©Martin Williamson
Tour de Trossachs
Katherine Wren. Photo©Martin Williamson
Tour de Trossachs
Christine McLean. Photo©Martin Williamson

The four girls in the race whistle past, we make Lynsey Curran fastest as the wind gets chillier.

Tour de Trossachs
Lynsey Curran. Photo©Martin Williamson

‘Not in the race’ the man in black tells us – he’s actually descending faster, one handed, than most of the riders …

Tour de Trossachs
He’s not racing, but could’ve fooled us. Photo©Martin Williamson

Loch Achray Hotel; there’s a hill path here to Kinlochard and Ben Venue, that’d be nice for the mountain bike.

Tour de Trossachs
We fancy coming back here with the MTB’s. Photo©Ed Hood

There’s a bit of rain blowing through now as the traffic builds a little and the veterans and ladies in the field give way to seniors and the rumble of discs, competing with the splashing of the stream gurgling down to Loch Venachar and the ‘caw’ of the crows upset about their Sunday morning peace being broken.

Tour de Trossachs
Here’s to a mild winter and no road closures. Photo©Ed Hood
Tour de Trossachs
Andy Matheson. Photo©Martin Williamson

Evergreen Andy Matheson (Musselburgh) looks the part off # 63 with # 67 Ruari Grant ( breathing down the neck of # 66 Walter Hamilton (ERC).

Tour de Trossachs
Ruari Grant. Photo©Martin Williamson
Tour de Trossachs
Walter Hamilton. Photo©Martin Williamson
Tour de Trossachs
Allan Mill. Photo©Martin Williamson

Brig o’ Turk and the Tea Room looks tempting – but there’s a race to cover so no scones just yet.

The rain hasn’t come to anything but the roads are damp albeit the air isn’t as chill as it was on The Dukes.

Tour de Trossachs
These lads didn’t quite see the uniqueness of the Tour de Trossachs. Photo©Ed Hood

It’s a weird place for a time trial!‘ says the one leisure cyclist to the other as they head into the tea room.

Those sportiv boys …

The sign as you enter Brig o’ Turk says ‘Failte‘ – Gaelic for ‘welcome’ which seems a wee contradicted by the fearsome wild boar’s head right beside the greeting.

Tour de Trossachs
Brig O’Turk. Photo©Ed Hood

Number 81 David Griffiths (Glasgow Wheelers) has good cadence as he spins up past the tea rooms; one of the first seeds to appear – his ride would be good enough for third spot on the podium.

Tour de Trossachs
David Griffiths. Photo©Martin Williamson

The top of the ‘Wee Braes’ and it’s milder but there’s a stiff head breeze as the sun tries to break through.

It’s ‘big hitter’ time and Carlos Riise (Shetland Wheelers) has almost caught Gavin Shirley (Dooleys Cycles) for two minutes but Graeme Cockburn (Nightingale) is up on both of them and looking very tidy.

Tour de Trossachs
Carlos Riise. Photo©Martin Williamson
Tour de Trossachs
Gavin Shirley. Photo©Martin Williamson
Tour de Trossachs
Graeme Cockburn. Photo©Martin Williamson

Eventual sixth with 1:11:22, Paisley’s Jamie Kennedy is next and on a par with Cockburn; then it’s Alan Thomson (Sandy Wallace) – who would finish fourth with 1:10:33 – followed by another Paisley man and eventual winner, Chris Smart.

Tour de Trossachs
Jamie Kennedy. Photo©Martin Williamson
Tour de Trossachs
Alan Thomson. Photo©Martin Williamson

It’s no surprise that Smart is fastest on our watch – he’s been going well all year in short distance time trials, including bronze in the ‘25’ champs.

Tour de Trossachs
Chris Smart. Photo©Martin Williamson

There’s a big gap.

Steven Lawley (KTM) is next up, looking the part but way off the pace on our watch – 2:30 down on Smart and eventual fifth with 1:11:09.

Tour de Trossachs
Steven Lawley. Photo©Martin Williamson

Carl Donaldson is another man who looks like he’s ‘on it’ but the watch tells the story – three minutes back on Smart.

Tour de Trossachs
Carl Donaldson. Photo©Martin Williamson

Sandy Wallace’s Silas Goldsworthy, the winner in 2013 is last man on the road and down on the flying Smart, too.

Tour de Trossachs
Silas Goldsworthy. Photo©Martin Williamson

What’s the gap?‘ he shouts; but we haven’t made the calculation – about a minute is the verdict.

Ruskie on that heart breaking home run and we stop to give Goldsworthy a shout; he’s closing on his four minute man, Donaldson but unless Smart cracks and Silas flies it’s looking like the Paisley man will get it.

The Port of Mentieth and there’s Arthur Doyle – he’s quit and ridden over the ‘auld’ Braes o’ Greenock to get in front of us.

Tour de Trossachs
Arthur Doyle gets out the way for Silas. Photo©Ed Hood.

We’d learn after the finish that he had a run in with a bus coming into Aberfoyle and again on the descent of the Dukes then completed a miserable morning by crashing at the Inver Trossachs humpback bridge.

A shame – Doyle recorded 13:55 at the top of the Dukes to Smart’s 14:19 and Goldsworthy’s 14:11.

But the race is as much about going downhill fast and handling technical sections well as it is about pure climbing.

Goldsworthy, meanwhile has a permanent escort from one of the motorbike marshalls.

Tour de Trossachs
Silas hoves into view, complete with escort. Photo©Ed Hood

That horrible last rise from the Lake of Menteith and Goldsworthy looks like he’s running out of gas – then he fluffs a gear change.

Those aren’t the signs of a winning ride …

Sure enough Goldworthy’s tired end of season effort was no match for the determined and motivated Smart who adds his name to the list of winners of this great race and takes the Scottish ‘Olympic’ TT title for good measure.

But is it just us – or was that the least number of spectators we’ve ever seen at The Trossachs?


Results - Tour de Trossachs 2014

Hill Climb and Final Time


First Last Club HC HC pos. Time
Chris Smart Paisley Velo Race Team Snr M 0:14:19 6 1:08:10
Silas Goldsworthy Sandy Wallace Cycles Snr M 0:14:11 4 1:09:29
David Griffiths Glasgow Whls Snr M 0:14:29 8 1:09:47
Alan Thomson Sandy Wallace Cycles Snr M 0:14:03 3 1:10:33
Steven Lawley KTM Snr M 0:14:14 5 1:11:09
Jamie Kennedy Paisley Velo Race Team V40 Vet M 0:14:59 11 1:11:22
James Cusick V40 Vet M 0:15:18 19 1:11:54
Carl Donaldson GS Metro Snr M 0:14:28 7 1:11:59
David Anderson Granite City RT Snr M 0:15:04 16 1:12:15
Barry Wilson Snr M 0:15:15 18 1:12:34
Paul McLafferty Glasgow Ivy CC Snr M 0:14:54 10 1:12:36
Andrew Underwood Glasgow Whls Snr M 0:15:20 21 1:12:56
Graeme Cockburn Glasgow Nightingale CC V40 Vet M 0:15:00 12 1:13:17
Stephen Roe VC Glasgow South V40 Vet M 0:15:03 15 1:13:23
Carlos Riise Shetland Wheelers V50 Vet M 0:14:49 9 1:13:40
Andrew Brown Glasgow Cycle Team Jnr M 0:15:28 24 1:14:01
Ruari Grant TheBicycleWorks Snr M 0:15:00 12 1:14:28
Lauri Peil Edinburgh RC Snr M 0:16:00 29 1:14:31
Matthew Ball West Lothian Clarion CC V40 Vet M 0:15:45 26 1:14:59
Scott Newman Glasgow Couriers Snr M 0:15:11 17 1:15:04
Gavin Dempster Glasgow Green Cycle Club Snr M 0:15:26 23 1:15:11
Richard McGhee Glasgow Nightingale CC Snr M 0:15:19 20 1:15:52
Jason Roberts Glasgow Whls V40 Vet M 0:15:32 25 1:16:06
Gavin Shirley Snr M 0:16:41 42 1:16:20
Walter Hamilton Edinburgh RC Snr M 0:15:25 22 1:16:56
Jonny May Edinburgh RC V40 Vet M 0:16:30 39 1:17:03
Andrew Scott Musselburgh RCC Snr M 0:16:29 38 1:17:30
Alan Dobbie Ronde Cycling Club V40 Vet M 0:15:47 27 1:17:31
Ross Dymock Glasgow Green Cycle Club Snr M 0:16:23 35 1:17:35
Paul Friel Glasgow Road Club V40 Vet M 0:16:00 29 1:17:39
Steve Macluskie VC Glasgow South V40 Vet M 0:16:18 34 1:17:45
Andrew Matheson Musselburgh RCC V50 Vet M 0:16:24 36 1:17:57
Lynsey Curran Women F 0:16:32 40 1:18:22
Drew Sharkey TheBicycleWorks 0:16:39 41 1:18:43
Richard Thurlow-Begg Glasgow United CC Snr M 0:16:09 32 1:19:07
Ross Cunningham Glasgow Green Cycle Club Snr M 0:15:02 14 1:19:12
Douglas Kirkham Musselburgh RCC V40 Vet M 0:16:26 37 1:19:14
Campbell Rae Glasgow Whls Snr M 0:17:26 49 1:19:16
Allan Mill Sandy Wallace Cycles Snr M 0:17:01 45 1:19:16
Jason Smith Glasgow Green Cycle Club V40 Vet M 0:16:45 43 1:19:38
Terence McMahon Glasgow Ivy CC Snr M 0:16:16 33 1:21:16
Norman Gillan V40 Vet M 0:16:51 44 1:21:28
Allan Duncan V50 Vet M 0:17:36 51 1:21:54
James Hall Rock And Road Cycles V40 Vet M 0:15:59 28 1:22:32
Alastair Pell Glasgow Nightingale CC V50 Vet M 0:17:03 46 1:23:05
Mark Leadbetter V40 Vet M 0:18:07 54 1:23:07
Stephen Malaney Glasgow Couriers Snr M 0:17:44 52 1:23:21
Martin Maclean Squadra Porcini V40 Vet M 0:17:27 50 1:23:33
Ian Archibald Team Thomsons Cycles V50 Vet M 0:16:07 31 1:23:44
Allan Crosbie Pedal Power RT V40 Vet M 0:18:49 57 1:25:00
Chris Watson Hastings & St Leonards CC V40 Vet M 0:17:54 53 1:25:09
Peter Ferry Scotia CC V40 Vet M 0:17:09 48 1:25:43
Nigel Brooks Stirling Bike Club V60 Vet M 0:18:29 55 1:27:19
Christine McLean Shetland Wheelers Women F 0:19:17 58 1:27:19
David Lang Glasgow Whls V60 Vet M 0:18:40 56 1:27:34
Richard Elliot Glasgow Nightingale CC V40 Vet M 0:19:41 59 1:27:56
Jonathan Ward Lomond Roads CC V50 Vet M 0:20:43 65 1:29:06
Stuart McClymont Lomond Roads CC V50 Vet M 0:20:12 61 1:30:07
Robert Buoy Snr M 0:20:01 60 1:30:44
Iain Binning Stirling Bike Club V60 Vet M 0:20:47 67 1:30:46
Katherine Wren Stirling Bike Club Women F 0:20:15 62 1:31:32
Martin Kane V40 Vet M 0:20:45 66 1:31:47
Katy Baxter 0:20:27 64 1:37:00
Robert Shennan V40 Vet M 0:20:17 63 1:37:45
George Skinner Scottish Veterans Time Trial Association V60 Vet M 0:21:01 68 1:38:54
Graeme Scott Edinburgh RC Snr M 0:40:28 72 1:43:22
Andrew Wilson St Christopher’s CC V60 Vet M 0:23:43 69 1:43:26
Vincent Fenwick 0:24:50 71 1:45:03
Elizabeth Henry West Lothian Clarion CC Women F 0:24:26 70 1:45:30