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A Day at the ‘Duinencross’ – the Koksijde Cyclo-Cross 2014


It was 1975 when Dave, Ed The Pole, Don Bertram and I first sprinted up the stairs at the Kuipke to catch site of those legendary boards.

Eddy Merckx and Patrick Sercu were the star pairing, the place was bursting at the seams – God knows how we managed to get tickets.

But we did and marvelled at the noise, the speed, the cigar and cigarette smoke, the beer consumption, the Dernys and the horrors that were the toilets.

Koksijde Cyclo-Cross
The Kuipke in full swing. Photo©Ed Hood

Almost 40 years later and the biggest change is the ceiling, a white suspended job which has brightened a dingy hall up no end.

There’s no smoke now either; but just as much beer drunk and now, ‘I cannae be doing’ with the Dernys – but the crowd still love them.

And the loos are nowhere near as horrific – even though you still have to pay and the queues are massive.