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Jon Sharples – the man behind Trainsharp’s “Perfect Bank of Knowledge”


Coaches, everyone has one these days and a name which keeps cropping up when we interview riders is that of Jon Sharples and his ‘TrainSharp Cycle Coaching’ company.

In time honoured VeloVeritas fashion we ‘had a word.’

Jon Sharples
Jon (l) and Sean Yates work together to build the company. Photo©Trainsharp

What’s your background please, Jon?

“I was born in Lancashire in 1973 and began bike racing at the age of 16 when I lived in Sussex.

“I was pretty lucky that I had been blessed with a winning sprint, although cycle racing wasn’t easy for me, I wasn’t a natural aerobic monster therefore felt I would never make it as a pro – so I made sure I had a Plan B.

“I worked at the Sussex University as a college lecturer – that’s where I knew I had a passion for teaching others and sharing my knowledge.

“I have always loved the training aspect to sport – train smart and you will get the