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Phil Edwards – Part Two; All in the Service of Moser


In Part One of our Phil Edwards interview we heard how he was hugely successful on the ‘truly amateur’ British scene as he racked up the wins, competed in the fated Munich Olympics before heading to Italy in 1973 and making a name for himself in their savage amateur scene, winning big races by 1975.

He was able to step smoothly up into the glamorous – but cutthroat – Italian professional world, but not just with any old team, with Sanson, the ice cream company sponsored squadra of Italian Capo, Francesco Moser…

Your Giri were all in the service of Moser?

“Yes, although I did get second on stage to Paolini in ’78.

“A typical effort for me – if the race finished up some 15 K mountain – would to ride the 10 K into base of the climb on 53 x 13 to keep it strung out and prevent escapes.

“Then it was up to me how to get to the top…”