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Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship 2015 – Iain Grant Takes it Again!


On a dour, grey morning by the banks of a brooding River Clyde Iain Grant (Fullarton Wheelers) reminded us why he’s Scotland’s short distance king with a stunning 19:38 in the Scottish National 10 Mile Time Trial Championship on a sodden, cold Westferry course.

Iain Grant, Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship winner, 2015. Photo©Martin Williamson

Second in 20:13 was ‘new kid on the block’ Harry Bulstrode (VC Edinburgh) with Sandy Wallace Cycles ever consistent Alan Thomson third in 20:32; just one tick of the second hand ahead of Billy Bilsland’s Ben Peacock in 20:33.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship
Silver medallist in the Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship, Harry Bulstrode. Photo©Martin Williamson
Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship
Third placed Alan Thomson during the Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship. Photo©Martin Williamson
Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship
Ben Peacock. Photo©Martin Williamson

Fifth was Graeme Cockburn (Glasgow Nightingale) with 20:38 ahead of Olympic Time Trial Champion, Chris Smart (Paisley Velo), 20:40 and Silas Goldsworthy (Sandy Wallace) in 20:50.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship
Graeme Cockburn. Photo©Martin Williamson
Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship
Chris Smart. Photo©Martin Williamson
Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship
Silas Goldsworthy. Photo©Martin Williamson

The ladies race went to former world team pursuit champion, Katie Archibald in 22:17.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship
Katie Archibald. Photo©Martin Williamson

It has be to said that VeloVeritas only left the shelter of their vehicle with some reluctance on this nasty morning.

The story goes that a local seafearer was shipwrecked on a distant tropical island but met a mermaid there and she ‘helped’ with his loneliness.

Eventually he was rescued and returned to the Clyde – but his mermaid had borne his child and brought the baby to him.

The mermaid still visits the Clyde to sing to her child.

We listened carefully for her refrain but all we could hear wear the trains roaring over our heads as we sheltered below a railway bridge a mile or two into the race – that and the traffic slicing through the standing water.

There were no mermaids in the ladies field – unfortunately – but Emily Middleditch (Deeside) off number four looked best of the early starters, despite her lack of fins, which would have been handy on a day such as this.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship
Emily Middleditch. Photo©Martin Williamson

Toni McIntosh (Ayr) was getting the gear round but was soon lost in the spray – on this dangerous day to be racing a bike on a dual carriageway.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship
Toni McIntosh. Photo©Martin Williamson

European Individual and Team Pursuit Champion, Katie Archibald (Pearl Izumi) was moving faster than anyone else and no stopwatch needed, hurtling through the gloom.

And jings ! we must be seeing things – a tandem !

But no mention of it on the start sheet …

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship
Laura Cluxton. Photo©Martin Williamson

First of the juniors was Gavin Laffoley (Fife Century) and you won’t catch us slagging his rear light on a morning like this.

Gavin Laffoley. Photo©Martin Williamson

Fraser Knox (Glasgow Cycle Team) hurtled past and there was a gap where Stuart Turvey should have the started; the Sandy Wallace rider sadly passed this week, all of us here at VeloVeritas extends our deepest sympathies to his friends and family.

Fraser Knox. Photo©Martin Williamson

Number 35, Andy Brown, (Glasgow Cycle Team) was ‘on it’ but the noise and spray was forcing us to re-think our race watching plans by now.

Andy Brown. Photo©Martin Williamson

Katie rips by, homeward bound with three caught minute girls – or is it minute “ladies” or “persons”? – in her wake.

Katie Archibalrd, nearly home. Photo©Martin Williamson

Time for the men and we’ve moved up the road a wee shade; still wet and cold but at least we can sit under the van tailgate and the noise isn’t nearly as bad.

It must be a grotty morning if Steve Beech (Sandy Wallace) doesn’t start.

Number 13, Hector Nicholson (Moray Firth) has his number on upside down to ward off the bad luck – the Weather Gods obviously don’t rate that symbolism.

Hector Nicholson. Photo©Martin Williamson

Man in black, John Dunlop (Loudon) off 30 looks to be going well, but it’s too early for the watch, we’ll save that for the last starters.

Scottish 10 Championships 201
John Dunlop. Photo©Martin Williamson

Ewan Taylor off 50 is getting the job done – the start sheet says Velocity 44 but his shorts say, ‘Army’ ?

Ewan Taylor. Photo©Martin Williamson

Veteran pursuiter, Peter Ettles (Sandy Wallace) is on gears today and on top of the ratio storming up this drag we’re stationed on.

Peter Ettles. Photo©Ed Hood

There’s not much to say about this course; dual carriageway, it rolls gently out through a roundabout or two then retraces – testers heaven.

It’s just a pity it doesn’t go a little bit further along the coast before turning, that way we could include pictures of the Comet steam ship replica.

Scottish 10 Championships 2015
Ach, we will anyway. Photo©Ed Hood

Peter Ettles strokes the big one home on the other side of the cariageway as I think fondly of my CAT boots – unfortunately nestling in my bedroom.

Scottish 100 mile champion, Callum Finlayson (Moray Firth) is looking strong – a walk in the park for a man used to ten times this distance.

Callum Finlayson. Photo©Martin Williamson

And just when we were wondering what those Billy Bilsland colours would look like, his boy Barry Wilson wears what looks like a black Assos skinsuit – never mind …

Scottish 10 Championships 2015
Barry Wilson. Photo©Martin Williamson

Graham Cockburn (Nightingale) off 80 is moving well, sitting wide to catch that draft of the motors; not sure how safe that is on a morning like this – but we all used to do it in my testing days.

The right noises are coming off number 85, Mark Skilling’s (Icarus) disc.

Scottish 10 Championships 2015
Mark Skilling. Photo©Martin Williamson

Albert McLellan off 86 (Glasgow Couriers) was a Scottish hill climb champion before many of this field were born and is still a strong man on a bicycle. We wince as the passing car doesn’t bother even moving out the lane to pass.

Scottish 10 Championships 2015
Albert McLellan. Photo©Martin Williamson

Number 90, Dooley’s Gavin Shirley is smooth and stylish on the drag, looking like how a good time trial rider should.

Scottish 10 Championships 2015
Gavin Shirley. Photo©Martin Williamson

Team mate Sean Gray is lower geared than usual but attacking the drag with gusto as we resign ourselves to the fact the rain; ‘is on for the day’ …

Scottish 10 Championships 2015
Sean Gray. Photo©Martin Williamson

Number 100 Jamie Kennedy (Paisley Velo) is well up on his minute man already – maybe we should start a watch soon ?

Scottish 10 Championships 2015
Jamie Kennedy. Photo©Martin Williamson

Jim Cusick (Dooleys) is the first of the ‘Bigs’ – as they say in Italia – he was ninth last year at Irvine with 20:54.

Scottish 10 Championships 2015
Jim Cusick. Photo©Martin Williamson

Where’s that watch ?

Alan Holmes (Paisley Velo) is three seconds up on Jim.

Scottish 10 Championships 2015
Alan Holmes. Photo©Martin Williamson

Ian Elliott (West Lothian) is due next; he’s one second down but the cadence is good.

Scottish 10 Championships 2015
Iain Elliot. Photo©Martin Williamson

Sandy Wallace’s Alan Thomson is next and he’s five seconds up; he was seventh last year in 20:41.

Tam Gordon’s (Fullarton) interview on VeloVeritas last year got us lots of hits so we best give him a shout; two seconds up on Jim, three down on Alan.

Scottish 10 Championships 2015
Tam Gordon. Photo©Martin Williamson

The mysterious Harry Bulstrode (VC Edinburgh) is next, 10″ up and very smooth on his Cervelo P4 with a nice flat back; how come we don’t recognise his name ?

Scottish 10 Championships 2015
Harry Bulstrode. Photo©Martin Williamson

Silas Goldsworthy (Sandy Wallace) is 5″ up on Bulstrode and goes top of our leaderboard looking every inch the chrono man/pursuiter he is.

Scottish 10 Championships 2015
Silas Goldsworthy. Photo©Martin Williamson

Freshly crowned Olympic TT champion Chris Smart (Billy Bilsland) is 10″ down on Silas but it’s early days and we expect him to be ‘up there.’

Ben Peacock (Billy Bilsland) is 5″ down on Silas but looking very good, smooth, together – fast; third last year, he’ll be looking to improve.

Dooley’s Arthur Doyle next, second last year with a sub 20 minute ride but is 5″ down on Silas.

Scottish 10 Championships 2015
Arthur Doyle. Photo©Martin Williamson

Just one man to come, the reigning champion, Iain Grant now of Fullarton, we’re so used to seeing him in Dooleys colours and he’s a second or two down on Silas.

We zero the watch on our first man on his return leg, Tam Gordon – but Bulstrode is 50 seconds up.

Silas next, 20″ down on Bulstrode – but that shiny new Giant looks nice …

Scottish 10 Championships 2015
Martin gets Silas in his sights. Photo©Ed Hood

Chris Smart, 23″ down on the Edinburgh man and big Ben is on the same second or two.

Are we going to see a shock win ?

No Arthur … a puncture ? Wouldn’t surprise us on a morning like this with all that glass and grit sloshing about.

It’s down to ‘The Man’ Grant; two seconds UP says our watch as we forget our impartiality and give him a time check.

Whether he can hear over the traffic noise is another matter.

Scottish National 10 Mile Time Trial Championship 2015
Iain Grant. Photo©Martin Williamson

Time to head for race HQ – as we drive past the Clyde mudflats it’s hard to decide where sea and sky part company, it’s a grey Sunday in Bishopton.

And our time checks look in line with the result – but Iain must have flown that last mile or two home.

Thomson, Peacock and Goldsworthy all told the same tale of a fast outward run but tough leg back into the wind with the freezing spray off the dual carriageway eating into leg muscles.

Status quo at the top but we’ll need to see if we can have a word with Mr. Bulstrode.

So that was the Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship, see you at the “25”?

Results - Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship 2015

Mens' Result

1 Iain Grant Fullarton Wheelers 00:19:58
2 Harry Bulstrode Velo Club Edinburgh 00:20:13
3 Alan Thomson Sandy Wallace Cycles 00:20:32
4 Benjamin Peacock Billy Bilsland Cycles 00:20:33
5 Graeme Cockburn Glasgow Nightingale CC 00:20:38
6 Chris Smart Paisley Velo Race Team 00:20:40
7 Silas Goldsworthy Sandy Wallace Cycles 00:20:42
8 James Cusick 00:20:50
9 Robert Martin Gala Cycling Club 00:21:00
10 Tony Hay Highland Bikes Racing Team 00:21:06
11 Wilson Renwick Hawick CC 00:21:08
12 Thomas Gordon Fullarton Wheelers 00:21:09
13 Callum Finlayson Moray Firth Cycling Club 00:21:13
14 Kenneth Armstrong Ayr Roads Cycling Club 00:21:16
15 Barry Wilson Billy Bilsland Cycles 00:21:17
16 Mark Skilling Icarus Racing 00:21:18
17 Ewan Taylor Velocity 44 Stirling 00:21:22
18 Peter Ettles Sandy Wallace Cycles 00:21:24
19 Gavin Shirley 00:21:25
20 Duncan Ewing TheBicycleWorks 00:21:32
21 Jamie Kennedy Paisley Velo Race Team 00:21:32
22 Allan Mill Sandy Wallace Cycles 00:21:33
23 Stuart Moran North Argyll Cycle Club 00:21:34
24 Alan Holmes Paisley Velo Race Team 00:21:36
25 Iain Elliott West Lothian Clarion CC 00:21:36
26 Michael Robb Ayr Roads Cycling Club 00:21:39
27 Darren Kean Fullarton Wheelers 00:21:40
28 Tony Scott Loudoun RC 00:21:49
29 Graeme Hay Stirling Bike Club 00:21:52
30 Andrew Scott Musselburgh RCC 00:21:53
31 Jason Barnes Glasgow Nightingale CC 00:21:57
32 Billy McFarlane 00:22:01
33 Alan Holms Inverclyde Velo 00:22:02
34 Jon Clarke Glasgow Nightingale CC 00:22:02
35 Peter Anderson The Racers 00:22:03
36 Stephen Davidson Sandy Wallace Cycles 00:22:04
37 Kyle Johnston East Kilbride Road Club 00:22:06
38 Kenneth Darling Kelso Wheelers 00:22:07
39 Keith Anderson Pro-AM Racing Club 00:22:09
40 David Beattie Hawick CC 00:22:12
41 Andy Cowie Highland Bikes Racing Team 00:22:14
42 Alan McCaffrey Highland Bikes Racing Team 00:22:14
43 Brian Sproul Dundee Thistle RC 00:22:15
44 Joseph McMillan Synergy Cycles 00:22:19
45 Angus Wilson Dundee Thistle RC 00:22:21
46 Kevin Lackie Moray Cycle Racing Team 00:22:22
47 John Dunlop Loudoun RC 00:22:24
48 Paul Gibson Ayr Roads Cycling Club 00:22:25
49 Andrew Prenelle Icarus Racing 00:22:25
50 Stewart Gordon Dunfermline CC 00:22:30
51 Neil Muir Royal Albert CC 00:22:31
52 Ian Archibald Team Thomsons Cycles 00:22:34
53 James Hall Rock And Road Cycles 00:22:35
54 Martin Wilson VC Glasgow South 00:22:38
55 Calum Hume Ayr Roads Cycling Club 00:22:44
56 David Baird Walkers Cycling Club 00:22:50
57 Michael Gordon Moray Firth Cycling Club 00:22:50
58 Steven Brennan Pro-AM Racing Club 00:22:51
59 Gary Bratt Lomond Roads CC 00:22:55
60 Sean Gray 00:22:55
61 Brian Cameron Lomond Roads CC 00:22:56
62 Paul Friel Glasgow Road Club 00:22:57
63 Derek McMillan St Christopher’s CC 00:22:59
64 John McCrory Glasgow United CC 00:23:02
65 Brian Muir Royal Albert CC 00:23:04
66 Martin Knox Glasgow Nightingale CC 00:23:04
67 Brian Nicol Fullarton Wheelers 00:23:08
68 Jason Fogarty Edinburgh RC 00:23:09
69 Stephen Robertson Team Thomsons Cycles 00:23:11
70 Frank Anderson West Lothian Clarion CC 00:23:13
71 Hyland Hamilton Glasgow Couriers 00:23:16
72 Michael Curran Ayr Roads Cycling Club 00:23:17
73 James Whyman Aberdeen Wheelers CC 00:23:20
74 Frederick Connor VC Glasgow South 00:23:20
75 Stuart Whitelaw Lomond Roads CC 00:23:20
76 Sadiq Mir West Lothian Clarion CC 00:23:22
77 Albert McLellan Glasgow Couriers 00:23:24
78 Colin Sergeant Law Wheelers CC 00:23:25
79 Craig Hayes Edinburgh RC 00:23:25
80 Greg Quinn Deeside Thistle CC 00:23:30
81 Andrew Strathdee Edinburgh RC 00:23:30
82 David Barclay Lomond Roads CC 00:23:32
83 Richard MacPherson Glasgow United CC 00:23:32
84 Alastair McGibbon Ayr Roads Cycling Club 00:23:33
85 Brendan McCabe Aberdeen Wheelers CC 00:23:33
86 Ross Dymock Glasgow Green Cycle Club 00:23:41
87 Stephen Malaney Glasgow Couriers 00:23:42
88 Iain Drummond West Lothian Clarion CC 00:23:48
89 Allan Ross Lomond Roads CC 00:23:51
90 Graham Jones Edinburgh RC 00:23:51
91 Andrew Spruce Sandy Wallace Cycles 00:23:53
92 Mike Ferguson Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club 00:24:05
93 Alistair Mackintosh Musselburgh RCC 00:24:05
94 Douglas Kirkham Musselburgh RCC 00:24:08
95 Graeme Daly Lomond Roads CC 00:24:13
96 Brian McGhee RC Cumbernauld & Kilsyth 00:24:15
97 Geoff Smith ACC Velopreda 00:24:19
98 Craig McGowan Pedal Power RT 00:24:25
99 Derek Stewart Deeside Thistle CC 00:24:33
100 William Munro Glasgow Whls 00:24:36
101 George Donnelly Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club 00:24:38
102 Allan Crosbie Pedal Power RT 00:24:42
103 Alexander McPhee 00:24:43
104 Iain Cowden Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club 00:24:46
105 Tony Nugent East Kilbride Road Club 00:25:03
106 Ross Toole Paisley Velo Race Team 00:25:37
107 Alan Solway Kennoway RC 00:26:28
108 Alexander Douglas Pro-AM Racing Club 00:26:56

Womens' Result

1 Katie Archibald Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l 00:22:17
2 Lynsey Curran 00:23:22
3 Toni McIntosh Ayr Roads Cycling Club 00:24:02
4 Emily Middleditch Deeside Thistle CC 00:24:20
5 Claire Hamilton 00:24:39
6 Louise Borthwick Project 51 00:24:44
7 Laura & Joe Cluxton (Tandem) Rock And Road Cycles 00:24:58
8 Lynne Wardrop Ayr Roads Cycling Club 00:25:01
9 Laura Nicolson Moray Firth Cycling Club 00:25:03
10 Lorna Ferguson Glasgow Green Cycle Club 00:25:34
11 Catherine Logan Walkers Cycling Club 00:25:38
12 Janet Erskine Ayr Roads Cycling Club 00:25:51
13 Aileen Clyde Fullarton Wheelers 00:26:04
14 Valerie Martin 00:26:05
15 Emma Borthwick Edinburgh RC 00:26:31
16 Cathy Wyse Deeside Thistle CC 00:27:20
17 Helen Paxton-Steele Stirling Bike Club 00:27:22
18 Megan Riach Glasgow Cycle Team 00:27:33
19 Eleanor Strathdee Edinburgh RC 00:28:08
20 Isobel Fletcher VC Glasgow South 00:28:11
21 Jennifer Nicol Fullarton Wheelers 00:30:32

Juniors' Result

1 Andy Brown Glasgow Cycle Team 00:21:32
2 Kyle Johnston East Kilbride Road Club 00:22:06
3 Fraser Knox Glasgow Cycle Team 00:23:02
4 Martin Edgar Lomond Roads CC 00:23:36
5 Ryan Glasgow Glasgow Nightingale CC 00:23:49
6 Gavin Laffoley Fife Century RC 00:26:59
Ed Hood and Martin Williamson
Ed and Martin, our top team! They try to do the local Time Trials, the Grand Tours and the Classics together to get the great stories written, the quality photos taken, the driving done and the wifi wrestled with.

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