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Le Tour de France 2015 – Stage 8; Getting Close to the Race at the Buses


Cycling has always been in Owen Philipson’s blood; growing up in Edinburgh on a BMX and then hitting the Pentland Hills in the 90’s when mountain biking came along. He’s now based in Stirling and after a bit of a cycling hiatus has been into road riding since 2008.

His interest in road racing started after several successive summer holidays to France, when he began to let l’Équipe’s coverage of the Tour seep into his brain as there was such a dearth of football news in July. He joined his local club and had a crack at road racing, finally getting to Cat 3 in 2013.

With two young kids in the family, that may be the peak of Owen’s road racing ‘career’, meanwhile volunteering at races and a new-found passion for cyclocross keeps him touch with the Scottish scene and he documents it all on his blog, “The Drum Up”.

This summer Owen was in France and near to the start of Le Tour’s Stage 8 so decided to pop along to the buses and see what he could see.

– Submitted by Owen Philipson

I am staying at my in-laws in Brittany, as I do every summer since I got married and every two or three years it is my base for watching the Tour on the grou