Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Luke Ryan – Nipping Over to Belgium and Winning on the Kermis circuit


‘That website of yours is seriously dire; all old boys from the past and testers – I thought you guys were into reporting on the young guys who are out doing the business in Flanders?’

One thing you could never accuse our lifelong friend, critic and soothsayer, Viktor of is sugar coating it.

But the man was right; it’s high time we looked east again, across the North Sea to where bike racing isn’t an aberration, where it’s in the soil and a barrier to hang over with your Jupiler and frites is never far away.

A name which we’ve seen cropping up this year is that of Luke Ryan (Richardsons-Trek Road Team) and recently he won a kermis at Torhout.

There’s a man to have a word with…

Luke Ryan
Luke Ryan. Photo©DPM

Nice one Luke, the win in Torhout. Can you give us your background, please.

“I’m 25 years-old, I live in Canterbury and started racing at 19 so this is my seventh season.

“I ride for Richardsons-Trek and this will be my fourth season with them.”

Tell us about the team.