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The VV View: The IAAF Mess, Rio Road Team Selections, Jacub Marezcko, and more!


We make no apology for more ranting – there’s much to get upset about in the sports firmament at the minute, but there’s also Jacub Marezcko.

Jacub Marezcko
Lord Coe and the erstwhile IAAF Deputy General Secretary, Nick Davies, both part of the unfolding scandal. Photo©AFP.Getty

The IAAF Scandal

It’s hard to believe that the public would be so naive as to believe that Athletics would be squeaky clean given the sums of money washing around and the vested interests of the massive sportswear companies who depend on big results from their sponsored athletes to shift their sweat shop trainers, track suits, sweats and Tee’s.

But have no fear, Sir Seb will sort it all out – even though he’s been part of it all and has more than a two or toe in the sponsors camp.

But he’s a former Olympic champion, a Lord, wears nice suits and is a thoroughly decent egg.

Wait a minute, wasn’t Tyler an Olympic champion, the ‘all American boy next door,’ straight out of a GAP ad. with his button down shirt, devoted wife and, not forgetting the late Tug Boat?

If you lived through Lance, like we had to, you can’t but shake your head at it all.

And just as in our two wheeled world, the Russians have come to the rescue – it’s all THEIR fault, Dirty Reds!

What’s that?

BALCO, Flo Jo, Barry Bonds, Tyson Gay, Asafa Powell, Yohan Blake, Justin Gatlin, Steve Mullings – and not an Ivan or Boris in sight.

We’re not defending the Russians or anyone else who ‘kits up’ but please take the racism out of it; it’s naive and downright ridiculous to believe that it’s only ‘dodgy Easterners and Latinos’ who’re on the ‘juice’ – we’re all humans with the same strengths and weaknesses.

And lest you’ve forgotten we’ve had three ‘positives’ in UK amateur cycle sport in recent weeks; a junior, a vet and – it beggars belief – a 12 hour rider.

But I guess the authorities know best and will sort it all out – and I say, ‘thank goodness for tennis,’ the one sport you can be sure is pure…

Jacub Marezcko
Russell will be at the Giro in May. Photo©CorVos

Giro d’Italia announce surprise wildcard entry

And having just said what we have about The Russians, we’re disappointed to see Gazprom-RusVelo riding the Giro at the expense of Androni Giocattoli.

To us it looks like the Ruble ruling the roost; we always admired the fact that Giro looked after it’s own.

Androni’s main man Gianni Savio may have a bit of the Arthur Daley about him but he was never boring and his team always ‘honoured the Pink Race’ – we’ll miss his chat and his boys in those doomed breakaways that just sometimes made it all the way.

Jacub Marezcko
Geraint Thomas.

“G”‘s autobiography offends no one

Those Lance books we were ranting about at New Year time have got us back in the mood for reading – Geraint Thomas’s book, ‘The World of Cycling According to G’ was one we looked forward to; yes, there’s a ‘but’ coming.

But whilst it’s an easy, entertaining read there’s no mention of any of the sport’s big issues – and not just the ‘D-word,’ the perpetual ASO v. UCI feud, the demise of the British road racing programme or anything else that might be remotely considered contentious.

Jacub Marezcko
Bradley Wiggins. Photo©Getty Images

Cycling Weekly’s Wiggins Tribute

And we bought Cycling Weekly’s souvenir tribute to Sir Bradley; we’d bought and enjoyed the Eddy Merckx and Greg Lemond editions but can’t say the same of this one.

It’s fawning, patronising and refuses to acknowledge that the great man might have the odd flaw – those that are briefly touched upon are classified as part of his ‘coolness.’

And fourth in a Tour prologue isn’t “a great ride” if you’re a specialist, it’s a total failure.