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The Bikes of the Six Days 2016


Hardware at the Six Days: it’s not nearly as exciting as it used to be when you mooch around the pits, with Dolans and Cervélo’s in abundance and Fuji creeping up; but it’s always nice to look at and talk about racing bikes – one of life’s simple pleasures.

Copenhagen Six Day bikes
Dolan. Photo©Ed Hood

When Michael Mørkøv hooked up with Dolan, it was the start of the Merseyside builder becoming one of the main names on the winter boards.

I remember Iljo Keisse calling round to our cabin at the Copenhagen Six Day a few years back, measuring tape in hand to check out Michael’s machine and if they’re good enough for Michael and Iljo…

Aero, stable, strong, light, mean and rated by Six Day ace spanner man, Dirk Dekeyser – enough said.

Copenhagen Six Day bikes
Rustled Dolan. Photo©Ed Hood

Just like in the days of the Wild West cattle stealing days sometimes it doesn’t do to display the brands; in this case due to upsetting summertime road frame suppliers who perhaps haven’t got – or yet perfected – a track frame.

There are an awful lot of ‘rustled’ Dolans on those boards.

Copenhagen Six Day bikes
Cervélo. Photo©Ed Hood

Perhaps not the most elegant of machines but strong, predictable and aero; when the Danes were chasing GB hard in the team pursuit a few years back they could have gone for any frame they wished not having the luxury of their own builder as GB did and still do – the Danes settled for the Cervélo.

And GB have gone to the North American frame builder after many years with Pinarello – but we have a feeling that Mark Stewart will be on a GB ‘Stealth’ machine before too long.

Copenhagen Six Day bikes
Nice airbrushing. Photo©Ed Hood

And the thing about having those big airfoil sections is that there’s plenty of room for the air brushers to ply their trade – this angel is on big Roger Kluge’s machine.

Could it be Charline Joiner?

Copenhagen Six Day bikes
Carbon FESt. Photo©Ed Hood

On the subject of aero, the ‘cockpit’ on the German FES sprint bikes isn’t new – but it’s sure sleek and looks fast even when the bikes are leaning on the fence.

Copenhagen Six Day bikes
Fuji. Photo©Ed Hood

Mass produced in the Far East and generally painted in a low key colour scheme, the Fuji’s were first championed by Leif Lampater and Christian Grasmann as the steed of choice for their Maloja team.

Mass produced and reasonably priced or not, they get the job done…

Copenhagen Six Day bikes
Felt. Photo©Ed Hood

Martin and I had the pleasure of riding a couple of Felt road bikes around the Champs Élysées the other year before the final Tour stage – nice mach