Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Merckx Machines, Present and (Recent) Past


As we said the other week, it’s always nice to get feedback from readers – even when we get slapped wrists.

One of our Scandinavian readers wasn’t happy that in our ‘Six Day Hardware‘ piece we missed out the frames of a certain Baron Merckx.

We hope the following rectifies things as we look at Merckx machines present and recent past.

Merckx Machines
London Six warm-up. Photo©Ed Hood

The Merckx vibe is pretty much in tune with the line of the times; matt black carbon, over-size decals, big section carbon, especially around the bracket and wide aero ‘dropped’ seat stays.

It’s the weapon of choice of the Topsport team and their growing band of quality track riders – De Ketele, De Pauw, Van Hoecke, Vergaerde all look mean on their black beauties.