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Jez McCann – First Elite Kermis win at Zedelgem


Jez McCann
Jez McCann.

Jez McCann is the man; 19 years-old, raised in Gravesend, riding for Richardsons-Trek.

It’s a while since VeloVeritas last spoke to Steve Skuse; Vik and I used to bump into him on our trips to the kermises when he mentored our blogger Dan Patten – who’s now doing very well for himself with Team Wiggins.

Steve got in touch the other day to tell us about another young man he’s looking after and who’s pulled off that difficult trick of winning a kermis in the Flatlands.

And the better news is, he qualifies to ride for Bonnie Scotland…

How did you get into the sport, Jez?

“There wasn’t much to do for kids other than hang around the local shops, but it wasn’t so bad.

“I’m living in Bexleyheath now though, close to central London.

“I joined my first cycling club when I was six years-old, Team Darenth.

“It wasn’t too serious, just about having fun on the bike – I had some of my best days there growing up.”

Tell us about your win, sir.

“I recently got my first win in Zedelgem, Belgium in a elite/u23 race.

“A group of 15 which included me went up the road early on but with 50k to go it was clear we were about to get caught.

“So I took off on my own and shortly after I was joined by two other riders; one Aussie and a Belgian.

“We quickly grew a decent gap.

“There were primes each lap I was more focused on the win so I let them fight it out each lap, saving as much energy as I could.

“I was counting how long they