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David Griffiths – Scottish Hill Climb Champion 2016


Unfortunately, VeloVeritas editor, Martin and I got out priorities wrong and instead of freezing on Purrinden for the Scottish Hill Climb Champs we were in warmer climes.

But fear not, we tracked down the new champion, David Griffiths (Pro Vision) and here’s what he had to say…

David Griffiths
David Griffiths. Photo©Martin Williamson

Would you class this as your best-ever result?

“Hi guys – great to finally speak to you – I’ve been aiming for one of these interviews for six years, you’ve not ‘made it’ in Scotland until featured in VeloVeritas!

“Yes; I’d say this is definitely my best individual result.”

Tell us how you trained for it.

“I rode my bike more! I’d been averaging around five hours riding per week this year, only exceeding it if I managed to finish a road race.

“I ramped that up significantly after September – I finally have a placement that’s cycle friendly. I’m working in a GP practice four days a week at the moment.

“I went off to Pamplona with team mate Jason Roberts, his wife and friends. After a week with 24 hours of mountainous riding I surprisingly felt incredible!