Sunday, June 26, 2022
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David Hewett – “I’m totally committed to chasing the dream”


David Hewett
David Hewett.

They’re not all going to make it; some do – Dan McLay, Adam Blythe, Jack Bauer

But they keep heading for the Heartland.

And we’ve got another name for you to conjure with; David Hewett, is on the kermis trail in search of that elusive crisp World Tour contract – here’s his tale…

What’s your UK background David, how did you get into the sport?

“I got into cycling pretty late at the age of 18 when I bought a road bike along with a group of friends from sixth form. Before that, I was a bit of an overweight teenager, although still involved in a range of sports throughout school.

“I cycled every now and then for a while, including doing a 100 mile sportive around the Surrey hills after only about 20 hours of riding experience!

“After 18 months, when I moved to university and got more involved with the cycling club there, I tried out 4th cat racing and w