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Rob Palmer – Cannonale-Drapac’s Team Chiropractor


Rob Palmer
Rob Palmer.

If you were around the Scottish race scene a few years back then you’ll remember Rob Palmer, he was at university up here in Bonnie Scotland – VeloVeritas mentor and Cycling Sage, Vik always reckoned that the man bore a striking to another Robbie – Mr. Williams.

But our man isn’t into communicating with Aliens – unlike the ex-Take That man – not that we know of, anyway.

But I digress, Rob has landed his ‘dream job’ with Cannondale on the World Tour – we thought you might be interested to hear what he has to say about working at the sport’s highest levels.

Where are you from Rob and how did you get into cycling?

“I’m from Manchester.

“I became interested in cycling at secondary school. The school switched to a Sports Academy and struck up a relationship with Manchester United FC.

“The football club put some money into the school for sports equipment, so amongst other things, they bought a few mountain bikes and a bike trailer for the school minibus.

“We went out into the Peak District National Park at weekends. I really enjoyed the freedom on two wheels and wanted more of it but there aren’t any mountains or even off road tracks where I live.

“My interest then switched to road cycling as a way of getting out into the countryside under my own steam.”

Rob Palmer
Rob in his hill climb racing days. Photo©supplied

Do you have a mentor for your craft?

“Yes, Steffan Meerseman in Belgium.

“He fixed me up as a rider when I spent time racing in Belgium and inspired me to go on and become a chiropractor.


Rob Palmer
Rob rode for Franz Assez’s Flanders squad in Belgium. Photo©Stuart Anthony

How did you get the Cannondale gig and what’s your job title?

“I’m team Chiropractor.

“I read an article in a professional association magazine by Matt Rabin. It was about his work as chiropractor with the team at the 2008 Tour de France.

“I kept the article and made contact with Matt.

“I just kept him up to date with what I was doing.

“I fancied getting out of clinic a bit and involved in cycling so I messaged John Herety of Rapha-Condor. I did the whole soigneur thing for them plus some chiropractic if needed, but above all John really taught me how a bike race works from the team staff perspective.

“They were fun times and something completely different to clinic.

“I kept Matt updated with what I was doing and discussed ideas on some cycling injury cases with him that I came across.

“He needed cover at Garmin-Sharp during the birth of his first child back in 2013; that was my opportunity to get aboard and hope I didn’t mess it up.


Rob Palmer
Team boos John Herety (on car) and the Rapha-Condor boys that Rob looked after. Photo©supplied

How many days/year are you on the road?

“2016 was my fourth season with the team. Previous seasons I had remained in a busy practice so did just 25-55 days per year.

“For 2016 I upped it to 110 and left the busy practice – I wanted to change the way I practice, no more high volume. I wanted to afford people more time and focus on long term fixes and offering more advice; the intensive chiropractic work I get that when working on races.

“So far it’s working out well.


And your fave part of the gig?

“Being part of a team striving to achieve together.

“The opportunity to learn from great practitioners around me such as physiotherapists, massage therapists, sports scientists, medical doctors, nutritionists etc.

“It’s great to see new places that I put on the list to go back and visit in real life.”

Rob Palmer
Rob will be looking after Rapha teammate-of-old Hugh Carthy, who is set to ride for Cannondale in 2017. Photo©supplied

Least fave?

“I hate the inactivity.

“I seems strange being in such an active sports environment but if you don’t make a concerted effort to put time aside for yourself to exercise you can really become unfit and put on weight at the help yourself buffet.


Who’s laid-back on the team?

“I’d say Sports Director Andreas Klier (former Gent-Wevelgem winner and Tour of Flanders podium finisher, ed.) is almost horizontal at times!

“He is able to take a step back and have a philosophical view on most things and when something goes wrong he usually finds a funny side to it!


Rob Palmer
Rob enjoys being busy when working at the races. Photo©supplied

Who’s fastidious?

“Team mechanic James Griffin is the mo