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Rob Palmer – Cannonale-Drapac’s Team Chiropractor


Rob Palmer
Rob Palmer.

If you were around the Scottish race scene a few years back then you’ll remember Rob Palmer, he was at university up here in Bonnie Scotland – VeloVeritas mentor and Cycling Sage, Vik always reckoned that the man bore a striking to another Robbie – Mr. Williams.

But our man isn’t into communicating with Aliens – unlike the ex-Take That man – not that we know of, anyway.

But I digress, Rob has landed his ‘dream job’ with Cannondale on the World Tour – we thought you might be interested to hear what he has to say about working at the sport’s highest levels.

Where are you from Rob and how did you get into cycling?

“I’m from Manchester.

“I became interested in cycling at secondary school. The school switched to a Sports Academy and struck up a relationship with Manchester United FC.

“The football club put some money into the school for sports equipment, so amongst other things, they bought a few mountain bikes and a bike trailer for the school minibus.

“We went out into the Peak District National Park at weekends. I really enjoyed the freedom on two wheels and wanted more of it but there aren’t any mountains or even off road tracks where I live.

“My interest then switched to road cycling as a way of getting out into the countryside under my own steam.”