Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Inside the Berlin Six Day 2017 – the Final Three Nights


The wee small hours of Wednesday morning, heading north out of Berlin, en route Rostock, the ferry across the Baltic and Denmark for the Copenhagen Six Day.

I wish I could say that Berlin had an epic finale – but I can’t, it was dire.

Processional, flat, uninspired with no tension, no theatre, no drama.

Kris reckons it’s the worst Six Day he’s ever seen – he’s seen many, many more than me and I wouldn’t argue with his judgement.

The root of the problem is that in the Madison Group Six Days the riders are on reduced contract fees with the rest of their earnings in prize money.

‘Fair enough’ I hear you say.  Trouble is that it’s not – because the riders are all busy trying to hold their place in the standings it breeds very negative racing.

No one will make a move because they think; ‘what’s the point, we’ll get closed down?

The essence of Six Day racing is the taking of laps, that’s what the crowd pay to see – in the last 30 minutes of rac