Monday, June 27, 2022
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Spokes Team Launch 2017


Saturday night saw Dave and I make our way to the Spokes Limits team presentation for 2017. It was deja vu with the weather and the venue.

The presentation of riders however showed a significant change from last year. There were fewer riders and a number of new faces. Most noticeably Grant Martin having moved on to join his brother at Raleigh GAC.

Another major success for a team designed to foster talent and enable them to transition to the next level. It was less clear where some of last year’s riders had gone to pursue their cycling dreams. What wasn’t in question was the impressive list of results achieved in the previous twelve months.

Arriving uncharacteristically early provided the opportunity to find out more about the Limits, the power meter company and their product, who are one of the principal team’s sponsors, and find out a bit more about the team for 2017, which has changed significantly – seven riders will be pulling on the new kit this year.

Spokes Team Launch 2017
The guys get ready for the photographs. Photo©Callum MacGregor
  • Alex Ridehalgh isn’t able to make the evening but enthusing about his new team in a short video message is the first new face to be introduced.
  • Joe Reilly will be with the team for a second year and hoping for a little more luck during this campaign. Last year his season was brought to an abrupt halt by a serious crash in Germany, where he split his kneecap in two, another rider’s chainring causing the horrific damage. A two week hospital