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Harry Tanfield – the UK’s number one rated Elite rider in 2016


Viktor tells me that we spend too much time speaking to riders from the past and are out of touch with the modern cyclist; ‘but I was just speaking to Harry Tanfield last night, he’s top rated UK rider for 2016 !’ I say to defend myself.

He’s a racing man, the cyclist of today is into Strava, Rapha, sportives and stupidly expensive bike – you don’t get into that so you’re out of touch!’ comes the reply.

It’s hard to win with that man.


We first spoke to Harry Tanfield a couple of years ago having seen him ride well in the Gordon Arms time trial – most recently we spoke to him after he won the David Campbell Memorial road race in Fife back in the spring of 2016.

So when we opened ‘Cycling Weekly’ recently and there he was spread across two pages as the UK’s number one rated Elite rider we thought we best ‘have a word.’

Harry Tanfield
Harry Tanfield. Photo©supplied

You’ve been busy since the Dave Campbell, Harry.

“Yeah, I did all the UK crits then I was in China racing – we were there for a month, home for a week then back for another month.

“Riding races in inland China and in the South of the