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Introducing our new blogger: David Hewett – “Winter Training, Part One”


I’m David Hewett, and firstly, a warm welcome to my new blog which aims to document my 2017 season of training and racing in Belgium with PCT Tomacc. Thank you for taking the time to read my ensuing ramblings, I hope you find them of some interest and if not, I can only apologise for being so dull in nature.

I will be publishing a monthly blog post so watch this space and also keep an eye on my own Palmarès and Gallery pages for the latest race results and images/videos. I’ve also done an interview with Ed Hood for VeloVeritas, and I’m one of the six riders lucky enough to be supported throughout the 2017 season by The Lewis Balyckyi Trust Fund.

In this edition there is an overview of the first half of my winter training, from picking myself up and dusting myself off after my collarbone break in September through to full gas December endurance training in Girona…

Having returned from Belgium just a few days previously, on the 9th September I crashed whilst training in Cornwall and shattered my right collarbone into five pieces.

Eleven days later, I had surgery to rectify the damage; the three hour operation involved a 15cm incision, a large titanium plate and eleven screws holding everything together whilst the bone healed fully, something which I was told would sadly take twelve weeks due to the severity of the fracture.