Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Michele Scarponi


The Giro 2009, Dave and I are in our hotel room watching the stage finish on TV; we’d worked the Stage 18 start that day in lovely Sulmona – home to the famous Roman Poet, Ovid – our piece was written and the pictures sent. There was a breakaway coming into the finish in Benevento and we’d have liked big, strong, hard working Danny Pate (Garmin & USA) to win but there was a man in there we knew was just too wily for this three breakaway companions, Pate, Felix Colombian Cardenas and Dane, Lars Bak – and sure enough Michele Scarponi rolled the three of them over the big flagstones in the finish straight.

It was second stage win of that Giro and I remember us agreeing that he was a ‘tough opponent and the professional’s professional.’