Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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David Hewett Blog – Winter Training, Part Two


At the end of my last blog post, I explained that I had left Girona, having got a good few weeks of initial base miles in the tank, and had returned home to spend Christmas with my family.

After six days at home relaxing and enjoying the festivities, I packed what felt like almost all my worldly belongings into my car (including almost £20 worth of Sainsbury’s crunchy peanut butter jars), and set off at 4:30am on 29th December towards Dover ferry port.

This was the start of an epic 2,300km, two day road trip from my house in Kent to Almería in Andalusia, southern Spain.

16hrs after shutting my front door and numerous BlaBlaCar passengers later, I arrived at my overnight stop in Girona.

Back on the road early the next day, and after a total of 24 hours of driving I arrived at my final destination in Andalusia, where I would spend a couple of weeks before travelling up to Calpe.

David Hewett
Peaceful mountain roads and warm temperatures, yet in the distance snow can be seen on one of the highest parts of the Sierra Nevada.