Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Katie Archibald – the new World Omnium Champion!


Once again we’re proud to bring you an exclusive interview with Olympic Team Pursuit Champion, Katie Archibald. Together with her brother’s multiple successes which we’ve covered on the site recently we’ve considered renaming the site “VeloArchibald“!

Here, Katie tells us about her latest triumph in the World Omnium Championship – and puts us chauvinists at VeloVeritas securely in our box!

But we still respect and love the lady. 

The new omnium format obviously suits you well, Katie?

“Ha, I guess it does.

“I think I’ve broken even compared to the old format where I was good at the pursuit, bad at the 500 metres TT and middling at the flying lap so it’s no loss or gain to me. “