Monday, June 27, 2022
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David Hewett Blog – A Fresh Start


Readers of my previous blog post may have been left with a slight sense of dispiritedness or melancholy, and rightly so; things really weren’t going all that well for me and mentally I had got myself into a bit of a mess. That’s the “tl;dr” summary of last month out of the way!

The interest in that blog post and the messages of support received on the back of it were overwhelming and greatly appreciated. I hope that at least a few readers have been finding my ramblings vaguely interesting and enjoyable to read.

David Hewett
Fresh new kit from TBW Bottecchia RT. Thanks to Prosport Distribution, The Bike Warehouse, SH+and SIS for the support.

I’m pleased to say that the month of June has been, in contrast to May, a massive success in that I’ve really managed to restart, turn the page, and make good progress across the board.

I attribute this to my move away from Belgium and into a new positive team environment with new challenges and goals to work towards, which in turn helped me re-find my love and enjoyment of cycling.

I can honestly say that I’m proud of myself for the way in which I’ve managed to get through a pretty tough period filled with negativity and self doubt, em