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Pavel Sivakov – the hottest U23 property in the world


Pavel Sivakov
Pavel Sivakov.

What’s the best thing an aspiring world class athlete can do?

Pick their parents carefully, of course.

The hottest U23 property in the world right now, Pavel Sivakov did that very thing; dad Alexei was a pro for 10 years with Roslotto, BigMat, CCC and Auber 93. As an amateur he won the Tour of Serbia and as a pro the Circuito Montanes; he rode the Vuelta and three Tours de France.

Mum, Aleksandra Koliaseva? How’s twice world team trial champion, Russian Road race Champion and runner up in the Ladies’ Giro?

The young man himself is just 20 years-old and has been rampant this season winning three of the biggest U23 races on the calendar: the French Ronde de L’Isard and the Italian ‘Baby’ Giro and Giro Valle d’Aosta – all three major shop windows for the World Tour talent scouts.

Both of his parents are Russian but Pavel was born in Italy and has lived most of his life in La Belle France.

We kicked off by asking him which nationality he sees himself as?

“It’s a little difficult because I’m a mixture of all these different cultures but I grew up in France, so mostly French.

“I speak Russian at home with my parents, though.

“I will become a French citizen in a few months and at that time I will take dual nationality Russian and French.”