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Louis Modell – Living and Winning in France


A long time ago, Dave, Victor, Ivan and I raced in Brittany; when we saw this young gentleman had two wins on roads we remember from our youth we just had to have a word. Like many of our interviewees – they are helping almost 40 young riders this year – Louis Modell is a beneficiary of assistance from the fabulous Dave Rayner fund.

Louis Modell
Louis Modell. Photo©Alexia Tintinger Photographs

Where are you from in the UK, Louis – and what sort of results did you achieve at home?

“I’m from Hackney in London, and have been racing seriously from a youth level, and got a few podiums here and there at a national level, a move abroad as a senior felt like the right thing for my progression.”

Tell us about your name – it sounds very French.

“That’s just coincidence, no French connection at all, some Australian heritage but that’s not very helpful when you’re trying to understand someone speaking to you in French at 100 mph!”

You won the GP Loheac, proper Heartland and that was a nocturne; tell us about that – was it a little scary on the dark roads?

“Luckily it wasn’t really dark until the last couple of laps and by that time there were only five of us, so it would have been quite tricky to crash.

“It was also pretty flat and not very technical so luckily nothing too scary.

“Like most races here it was pretty flat-out from the gun, these Regionals tend to split early on so if you can follow the attacks in the first half hour one normally stays away.

“In the end this one came down to about five of us and I won the sprint.”