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Conor Henry – no one expected the 21 year-old from Belfast to win the 1992 Milk Race


The 12 day, 13 stage British ‘Milk Race’ of 1992 was a pro-am affair with Belgian hard men Collstrop – who won four stages including the opening TTT; talented home pros from Banana-Met; the Danish National squad; the Belgian National team; a squad form CIS, the Commonwealth of Independent States – formerly the Soviet Union and the Netherlands National team to name but seven.

And a team from Ireland; but no one expected 21 year-old Conor Henry from Belfast to defy some of the best riders in Europe to take final victory.

Here’s his story:

What were your expectations going into the Milk Race, Conor?

“I believe I went in thinking I will just see how the form is and go from there.

“Often in stage races it’s so hard to know until after a few days and then I could gauge where I was relative to the competition.

“I did think it would be hard to win because it was so flat.

“Thus for the 1992 race I was just hoping to win a stage at max when I entered that race.”