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Sandy Gordon – Part Two: Shipyards and Scottish Championships


In Part One of our interview with Sandy Gordon, we heard about his horror crash at the 1966 Tour of Austria and missing the Jamaica Commonwealth Games, helping Brian Temple secure a silver medal at the 1970 Commonwealth Games and racing in the Tours of Scotland, Czechoslovakia – and getting banned for racing in South Africa at the Rapport Toer.

We continue the chat by finding out more about Sandy’s other overseas races and his many domestic successes…

The Christchurch, South Africa, Czechoslovakia, Austria – where else did your international duties take you?

“In 1967 I rode Ronde van Midden-Zeeland in the Netherlands with Reg Smith [Smith went on to be a successful British professional, ed.] , the late Danny Horton [Horton too went on to a successful pro career, winning the British Professional Road Race Championship, ed.] and the late Graham Webb – who went on to win the amateur Worlds that year.

“There was a team time trial and Graham chided me for going through too strongly…

Sandy Gordon

Did you ever think about a pro career in England or the continent?

“Not in England, no.

“I remember in ’65 Billy Bilsland and I went to Belgium to race on our holidays for three weeks. We finished that six hour Milk Race stage on the Saturday, travelled to Belgium on the Sunday and r