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The Douchebags Savage is on the loose!

The new roll cage-inspired bike bag from travel brand Douchebags is now available to buy online – just in time for summer


Douchebags Savage

The Savage, the new ‘one size fits all’ bike bag from Norwegian lifestyle travel brand Douchebags (Db) is now available to buy online at for €699.

Inspired by roll-cage technology used in racing cars, The Savage is designed to offer maximum protection for beloved mountain and road bikes in transit, while allowing users to compress the bag down to just one-third of its full size for easy storage.

For full cycling gear protection, Douchebags have introduced The Wheelie wheel bag (€129) and The Guardian helmet bag (€69) to their new cycling range, which are also available to buy on the Douchebags website from today.

Douchebags Savage

Douchebags is already known in the travel lifestyle and luggage sphere for bringing its Scandinavian art of design to a high-quality, practical and smart utility; and it’s no different with The Savage bike bag.

Its patented Db Roll Cage works as a support structure for the tough fabric walls of the bag and creates a strong framework by applying tension to the fabric – much like a drum skin. The tensile fabric structure helps the bag maintain its shape and protects the bike by creating a distance between the bike and the walls, so the bike remains encased and secure.

Douchebags Savage

Another smart feature of The Savage – as with all of Douchebags’ travel bag ranges – is the Db hook-up system, which allows travellers to attach other Db luggage to the bike bag, making life easier when carrying lots of gear at once.

As a travel essential for any cyclist who values their belongings, The Savage will be looking after some of the world’s best athletes’ prized bikes this season, including the Athertons’ of Trek Factory Racing team.

Douchebags Savage

Two-time Downhill World Champion and multiple World Cup winner Gee Atherton said: 

“The difference between travelling and travelling well is efficiency. With so many travel days on my schedule, I want it to be a smooth operation. Good quality, lightweight bags make all the difference…”

Douchebags has also partnered with the world’s largest mountain bike YouTube channel Global Mountain Bike Network (GMBN) and will be keeping the presenters’ bikes safe on their global travels.

The Savage (€699), The Wheelie (€129) and The Guardian (€69) are all now available to buy from

Douchebags Savage

* * *

Key features of The Savage

  • Db Roll Cage™ Protection –  superior protection against impact and pressure loads
  • Packability – the same advantages as a soft bag, meaning that it weighs much less than a hard-case bag and can be collapsed to one-third of its size and rolled up for easy storage
  • Secure bike fastening – the bike is mounted inside the cage in a centered, upright position and secured with straps; this keep the bike steady during transportation. All the bike straps feature buckles with locking levers, which prevent the straps from slipping and the bike from shifting position
  • Stability – the self-standing structure of the patented Db Roll Cage™ provides unparalleled stability and balance of the load
  • Tensile fabric structure – the patented Db Roll Cage™ works as a support structure for the fabric walls in the bag and creates a strong protective framework by applying tension to the fabric
  • One bag fits all – designed to fit most types of mountain bike and with the additional Road Bike Handlebar Adapter the bag will also handle any type of road bike with a curved, detachable handlebar
  • Reinforcements – all wear points and high-stress areas are reinforced with webbing and Hypalon fabric to ensure quality and durability over time
  • Interchangeable parts – wheel housing and plastic feet under the bag are mounted with screws instead of rivets, which makes it possible to replace any broken parts instead of the entire bag having to be discarded
  • Db’s hook-up system – makes it possible to attach other Db luggage and packs to the bike bag

* * *

About Douchebags

Douchebags (Db) is a new generation of lifestyle brands offering smart solutions in a unique and contemporary way. Bringing an active lifestyle with function and urban sophistication, Douchebags redefines the way necessities are carried to become the number one lifestyle brand for the modern traveller.

A young Scandinavian company, Douchebags specializes in smart travel gear for the action sports community. Founded in 2012 by the Swedish freeski legend Jon Olsson and the Norwegian product designer Truls Brataas, the brand has established itself as a globally recognized brand within action sports travel gear. An impressive team of ambassadors constantly travel the world with the award-winning bags, living the company mission of making better journeys through smarter travel gear.

Douchebags wants people to be able to travel however they want, whilst bringing whatever they need. The brand develops travel gear for the athletes, the rebels, the creatives – the passionate people who travel the world in search of adventure. Happy travels!

Check out the full range of travel gear at
Follow Db on Instagram and Facebook.

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