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Willie Gibb – Seven-time Scottish Road Champion, over 20 years!


Whilst attending the Spokes Junior team launch in January I wondered aloud “who was the best rider in the room?” This lead to thinking about who has impressed me on a bike.

In my youth the transition from fairly hopeless junior to clueless Senior meant facing the prospect of racing against amongst others the men from the West: Jamie McGahan, Willie Gibb, Stevie Finnigan, Davie Whitehall, Bobby Melrose, Davie Gibson, Kenny Clark… the list goes on.

In the years that followed I crossed paths with them many times and generally impressive they were.

Willie Gibb
That winning feeling! Scottish Senior Road Race Championships 1994. Photo©supplied

Around that time there was a guy on TV called Mr Motivator in the early days of aerobics, complete with Lycra, headband and thick knee-length ankle socks, a look that was pulled off much more effectively by Jamie Lee Curtis in the film “Perfect”.

When I was a younger man motivation was a tricky thing but at one point my Mr Motivator was a certain man from the West; Willie Gibb. I recall battering myself on a training ride alone thinking “Willie Gibb would be going faster”, invariably in the races he was and I have no recollection of ever having beaten my one time motivator.