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Andy McGhee – Scottish Star of the 60’s and 70’s


July 1972, the outskirts of Ullapool in the North West Highlands of Scotland, top Scottish road man, Andy McGhee and his lovely wife, Rose are having a picnic on the grass overlooking the town and Loch Broom.

Remarkably, the weather is glorious.

Enter former Scottish Junior BAR, Colin Carmichael, Dave Chapman and yours truly having just ridden up from Dingwall on our bikes, where we’d competed in the ‘Brahan’ road race, the day before.

That nice roast chicken which Rose had bought for their picnic went down a treat, sorry, Mr. and Mrs. McGhee!

Fast forward 46 years and VeloVeritas is sitting down at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome with Mr. McGhee to apologise for pillaging the chicken and to reminisce about his career, over a coffee.

And on the subject of coffee, the lass behind the counter reckons that ‘the cyclists’ are the worst for nursing half an inch of cold coffee at the bottom of their cup rather than buy another – come on guys and girls, you’re spending five grand on bikes!