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A quick lap around season 2017/18’s Six Day Stats


Now that London has been and gone with a win for Messrs. Havik and Stroetinga, we though you might like to see how they fared last (2017/18) Six Day season?

There were six races: London, Gent, Rotterdam, Bremen, Berlin and Copenhagen.

Six Day Stats
Ollie Wood with Martin the swan, and Mark Stewart in Gent last year. Photo©Ed Hood


  1. Cameron Meyer/Callum Scotson, Australia
  2. Mark Cavendish/Peter Kennaugh, Isle of Man
  3. Kenny De Ketele/Moreno De Pauw, Belgium


  1. De Ketele/De Pauw
  2. Benjamin Thomas/Morgan Kneisky, France
  3. Wim Stroetinga/Yoeri Havik, Netherlands


  1. De Ketele/De Pauw
  2. Stroetinga/Havik
  3. Thomas/Kneisky


  1. De Ketele/Theo Reinhardt, Germany
  2. Havik/Achim Burkhart, Germany
  3. Christian Grasmann, Germany/Jesper Morkov, Denmark


  1. Havik/Stroetinga
  2. De Ketele/De Pauw
  3. Reinhardt/Roger Kluge, Germany


  1. De Ketele/Michael Morkov, Denmark
  2. Havik/De Pauw
  3. Leif Lampater, Germany/Marc Hester, Denmark

Six Day Stats
Jesper Mørkøv in action at his home Six Day, Copenhagen. Photo©Ed Hood

In total 18 riders made the podium. In order of podium points scored over the six races (10 for a win; 8 for second; 6 for third) they are;

  1. Kenny De Ketele, Belgium (54)
  2. Moreno De Pauw, Belgium (42)
  3. Yoeri Havik, Netherlands (42)
  4. Wim Stroetinga, Netherlands (24)
  5. Theo Reinhardt, Germany (16)
  6. Morgan Kneisky, France (14)
  7. Benjamin Thomas, France (14)
  8. Cameron Meyer, Australia (10)
  9. Callum Scotson, Australia (10)
  10. Michael Morkov, Denmark (10)
  11. Mark Cavendish, Isle of Man (8)
  12. Peter Kennaugh, Isle of Man (8)
  13. Achim Burkhart, Germany (8)
  14. Christian Grasmann, Germany (6)
  15. Jesper Morkov, Denmark (6)
  16. Leif Lampater, Germany (6)
  17. Marc Hester, Denmark (6)
  18. Roger Kluge, Germany (6)

Six Day Stats
Achim Burkart and Yoeri Havik at Bremen in January. Photo©Ed Hood

Whilst De Pauw and Havik tie on points, the Belgian has two wins – Gent and Rotterdam to Havik’s one – Berlin.

There are five Germans, three Danes and two each Belgians, Dutchmen, French, Australians and Manxmen in the 18 names.

Only De Ketele scored in every Six Day and has now won all six of the races on the current calendar.

Six Day Stats
Kenny De Ketele. Photo©Ed Hood

De Pauw and Havik both scored in five races; Havik missed out in London and De Pauw missed in Bremen.

Of the 18 riders listed above, 16 have won at least one Six Day; Achim Burkhart and Peter Kennaugh are the exceptions.

Six Day Stats
Wim Stroetinga. Photo©Ed Hood

The top six riders’ career starts/wins:

  1. Kenny De Ketele: 71-13
  2. Moreno De Pauw: 21-6
  3. Yoeri Havik: 37-4
  4. Wim Stroetinga: 48-4
  5. Theo Reinhardt: 11-1
  6. Morgan Kneisky: 31-2

Six Day Stats
Patrick Sercu and Eddy Merckx in the Gent cabin. Photo©John Pierce / PhotoSport International UK USA Asia

All time Six Day winners, top six:

  1. Patrick Sercu, Belgium: 88
  2. Danny Clark, Australia: 74
  3. Rene Pijnen, Netherlands: 72
  4. Peter Post, Netherlands: 65 (off 155 starts)
  5. Bruno Ris, Switzerland: 61 (off 184 starts)
  6. Rik Van Steenbergen: 40 (off 134 starts)

Six Day Stats
Danny Clark, absolute class on the track. Photo©John Pierce / PhotoSport International UK USA Asia

All time Six Day starts, top six:

  1. Danny Clark: 236
  2. Rene Pijnen: 233
  3. Klaus Bugdahl: 228 (Germany 37 wins)
  4. Patrick Sercu: 223
  5. Albert Fritz: 198 (Germany 34 wins)
  6. Etienne De Wilde: 197 (Belgium 38 wins)

Hope you enjoyed those … and the Six Days of Gent runs from November 13th to 18th 2018. See you there?

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Ed Hood
Ed's been involved in cycling for over 45 years. In that time he's been a successful time triallist, team manager, and sponsor of several teams and clubs. He's also a respected and successful coach, and during the winter months can often be found working in the cabins at the Six Days. Ed remains a massive fan of the sport and couples his extensive contacts with an inexhaustable enthusiasm for the minutiae and the history of our sport.

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