Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Andrew Feather – British Hill Climb Champion


The British Hill Climb Championships is as close as you’ll get to a continental race atmosphere in the UK – Grand Tour visits apart – with this year’s joust with Sir Isaac Newton’s discovery taking place on Pea Royd Lane, Stocksbridge near Sheffield in South Yorkshire in front of a large, exuberant gallery.

Vocal assistance was much need on this day with competitors having to brave rain and hail squalls.

The original venue was Shelsey Wash in Worcestershire but was changed some four weeks before the big day.

This year’s edition fell to 33 year-old solicitor from Bath, Andrew Feather (BCR Racing); this was his 12th hill climb win this year off 15 starts so it’s fair to say his championship win double underlined his status as Britain’s number one anti-gravity specialist of the moment.

Andrew drives to the top. Photo©Ellen Isherwood

Congratulations, Andrew, coming in to the race you had 11 wins of 14 starts?

“Yes, and in the other three I was second, third and fourth so my season ends on 12 wins off 15 starts.&