Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Photographer Gary Main – “My Favourite Photographs”


Here at VeloVeritas we’re pleased to inform you that we’ve hooked up with ace cycling snapper, Gary Main.

You may already have seen some of his images in our Mark Stewart and Dan Bigham interviews?

We thought it might be a good introduction to his work for our readers if he picked out some of his favourite shots for us – over to you, Mr. Main…

* * *

“These photos are probably not always my best work but they all mean something special to me; I’ll do my best to explain.”

Alex Dowsett

Gary Main
Photo©Gary Main

“This first one is Alex in action at the British TT champs at Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire. I come from Grimsby and my dad use to take me there as a kid to watch the motorbike races. I wanted to get away from everyone else and saw this road that links the circuit to the main road. The light was good and I got down into a small hollow and took my first top pro rider picture. And Alex is a nice bloke. It was a half-decent camera but a good lens and I’m still really happy with this image.”

* * *

Wiggins and Stevie